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Consultancy: Project Assistant Sought

Status: Closed

Organisation: World Association Of Christian Communication (WACC)

Deadline: 06/06/2021

Location: Multiple

Project title: Changing the Narrative: Cross-regional media coverage of refugees and migrants

WACC Europe (World Association for Christian Communication – Europe Region) is seeking a part-time freelance project assistant for a maximum 12 months supporting an exposure and networking project for journalists in three global regions (Europe, Africa, Middle East) covering migration and asylum.

The project runs from June 2021 to June 2022

The tasks for the consultancy include

  • Being the communication hub for project participants
  • Supporting the implementation of project tasks
  • Helping to identify potential project participants
  • Maintaining project records and monitoring tasks and timeline
  • Updating web and social media

Project Summary

This project is a networking and exposure programme for up to 12 journalists, focused on developing in-depth reporting skills and contacts related to migration and asylum realities across Europe, Middle East and Africa supported by the Italian Otto per Mille (OPM) foundation.  This WACC Reporting Fellowship will support journalists seeking to explore root causes of forced migration, the realities faced by migrants in transit, and the experiences of migrants and refugees in host communities. The journalists, coming from at least 6 different countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, would be selected through an application process.

Following an online orientation based on an educational resource developed through previous OPM-supported projects, with a grounding in communication rights-based journalism, the journalists with project leaders would identify and take assignments in their countries to put the principles into practice.

The journalists will network and share reporting as possible to provide a strong series of articles and multimedia content for publication and case studies of communication rights-based media reporting that reflect the key realities faced by migrants and refugees nationally and regionally. The educational toolkit, report of coverage and case studies, and learnings from the programme will be promoted and disseminated online and through related events.


  • Strengthen and expand comprehensive and accurate news coverage of migration and asylum through skills building, networking, and comprehensive understanding of migration realities for journalists from Africa, Middle East and Europe;
  • build media and communication rights awareness for organisations working with and for refugees and migrants;
  • deepen media coverage by exploring key issues and links between regional realities.

Project timeline

A project steering committee has developed the initial plan. The project assistant is anticipated to be identified in June and begin work in July 2021. The final narrative and financial reports will be due to the major donor on 30 June 2022. The project timeline will be developed with the consultant

Role of the Project Assistant

To work with and support the project steering committee in developing and implementing the project plan, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Being the communication liaison for the project and maintaining communication among the organizers and participants in the project.
  • Managing the application and selection process for journalists
  • Helping to identify potential project participants including organizations working with (and ideally led by) migrants and refugees for insights and inclusion in the project development and implementation
  • Supporting the design and implementation of the online orientation program, including working with the lead facilitator and networking with regional contacts.
  • Maintaining oversight of the in-country reporting itinerary of the journalists in connection with regional coordinators
  • Ensuring updates and stories on the project are prepared and disseminated through web and social media channels.
  • Collecting the documentation and media reporting and assist in assembling the final report(s)
  • Monitoring the timeline and deliverables.
  • Providing information for narrative reports of progress in line with the donor reporting timeline.

Skills and experience sought

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong computer and communication skills (ie. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, online searches, social media)
  • Experience in hosting online events and meetings (e.g. Zoom)
  • Understanding and commitment to fair, accurate and inclusive coverage of migrants and refugees
  • Experience in media and links to journalist networks a plus
  • Fluency in English required, other languages an asset

Working arrangement

The consultant’s contract will be with the WACC Europe Association, based in France. The regional organisers are based in Egypt and Togo. Ideally the consultant will be based in reasonable proximity to the project organisers. The work of the consultant will be overseen by the project steering committee, who will identify a lead contact for the consultant.

The consultant will begin work in July 2021 and continue through to completing any reporting assignments, no later than 30 June 2022.

Approximately 40 working days in total are estimated.  Level of remuneration will be agreed for the work overall.

Individuals are expected to be registered as freelancers or consultants and meet the legal requirements as such in their country or residence.

To apply

Interested individuals should send their CV with a cover letter to Sara Speicher, ss@waccglobal.org by 6 June 2021.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by the project steering committee by June 25, 2021.

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