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Voices Awards in the field of Journalism and Media Literacy

Status: Closed

  • Awards & prizes

Organisation: Voices, European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy

Deadline: 31/01/2024

Location: Florence, Italy

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    – Entries accepted from EU Member States residents or entities
    – Natural persons or legal entities eligible (public or private bodies)

    • General Journalism Eligibility:
      – Open to media outlets, freelance journalists, students, and trainee journalists
    • Media Literacy Eligibility:
      – Demonstrated contribution to building media literacy properties, skills, attitudes, and values
      – Inclusive of traditional and digital media, various content forms, and tools/resources.
  • Type of Funding: Award
  • Target countries: European Union
  • Application language: English

The Voices Awards are organised within the Voices Festival, a brand-new itinerant event co-funded by the European Commission to celebrate Journalism and Media Literacy in Europe. The Voices Festival has a European focus and aims to help create a European public sphere and change the way we perceive and engage with the media. It will serve as a platform for dialogue, connecting the dots between the press, media literacy advocates, and European citizens. This Festival adopts a dual focus because it delves into the evolving role of journalism within our rapidly changing media landscape while simultaneously supporting citizens in critically assessing information and navigating technology meaningfully. The Voices Awards will recognize the works of journalists, teachers and media literacy advocates that best convey the values and goals of the Voices Festival.

Voices is granting 10 awards for 1000 euros each to young journalists and media literacy advocates to participate in the festival’s first edition. The Voices Awards have a dual focus and will recognise five achievements in the field of Journalism, and five achievements in the realm of Media Literacy. Each comprises different categories dedicated to diverse themes described in the calls for entries.

The Voices Awards for Journalism comprise five distinct categories:

  1. Up-and-coming: innovative and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in journalism
  2. Impact: cross-border investigative reporting
  3. Local resilience: innovative and successful business model for local reporting
  4. Remarkable youth: promising journalists under 30
  5. Fighters: journalists and media organisations working in emergency situations

The Voices Awards for Media Literacy (ML) comprises five distinct categories:

  1. AI Trending Now: clever ways to use Artificial Intelligence technology for ML
  2. Digital Well-Being: nurture mindfulness to contribute to a healthier digital environment
  3. Digital Parenting & Generations: media literacy initiatives to benefit parents, children, young and older people
  4. Empowering Citizens’ Engagement and Participation: initiatives to fight disinformation and election integrity
  5. ML Multipliers: effective practices to replicate, multiply and transfer media literacy knowledge and skills.

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