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Video Journalist Intern

Status: Open

  • Internships

Organisation: Red Lion Media

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: United Kingdom

Red Lion Media is seeking to hire a Video Journalist Intern as they aim to utilise their expertise in visual media to branch into video journalism, in partnership with a number of independent journalists.


As a Video Journalist Intern, you will gain experience on researching, writing, reporting and creating news content for streaming on various online platforms once per week. The topic areas are as follows:

  • Sports
  • Politics & War
  • Celebrity & Royal Gossip
  • Business & Markets
  • Film Reviews
  • Science & Health
  • Esoteric Travel Reviews
  • British Cultural News
Essential qualifications
  • Has experience reporting, researching or writing, podcasting, vlogging, social media, film production, etc. OR has completed/ pursuing a degree in a relevant area (History, Politics, International Relations, Film, Physics, Economics, Sports, etc.)
  • Has articulate command over the English language.
  • Has in-depth knowledge of one or more of the listed topic areas, (role description) and the ability to express and demonstrate this on-camera.
  • Able to work independently, meet deadlines and onboard feedback.
Desired qualifications
  • Ability to talk casually at length about topic area, good general knowledge and insight.
  • Has a postgraduate degree in one or more listed areas.
  • Speaks another language.
  • Prior experience in News, Acting, Public Relations, or Academia.
  • Has a unique, particular or interesting way of speaking.
  • Has a unique, particular or interesting location to regularly film.
  • Already has a decent camera.
How to apply

To be considered for this role, lease send your CV and a one minute video of you (uploaded to Google drive) presenting one of the above topic areas to cooper@redlionmedia.co.uk. For more information, please click here.

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