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Unesco: Conducting Capacity Building Of Media Professionals in Gambia

  • Eligibility: The desired entity must demonstrate at least 4 years of experience in media capacity building.
  • Funding amount: Not applicable
  • Type of funding: Programmatic
  • Target country: Gambia
  • Application language: English

Under the component of the Peace Building Fund project entitled “Young Women and Men as Stakeholders in Ensuring Peaceful Democratic Processes and Advocates for the Prevention of Violence and Hate Speech”, UNESCO Dakar office, which oversees The Gambia, seeks to conduct a capacity building exercise for media professionals on conflict-sensitive journalism and countering hate speech.

The two-year project is being implemented by the UN System in The Gambia in line with Peace Building Fund project’s broad goal of addressing hate speech and countering fake news and misinformation of young people through the media and local community structures.

Tasks to be performed

Capacity Building for Media Professionals on Conflict-Sensitive Journalism and Countering Hate Speech

  • Elaborate the planning with milestones as well as a budget proposal;
  • Identification of at least 50 media professionals (at least 40% women) from public, private and community media from at least 5 regions of the Gambia;
  • Recruitment of trainers and development of training modules;
  • Organization of training workshop (at least three days) with participants pre- and post-workshop evaluation;
  • Reporting on the whole process.


  • Detailed implementation plan and budget for the activity;
  • Training modules and list of trainers;
  • The participants list for the training;
  • Detailed technical report for the activity;
  • Detailed financial report for the activity.

Application Process

To participate in the call for proposals, the applicant entity must submit:

  • A technical proposal detailing the methodology for the organization of the training workshop;
  • A detailed budget proposal;
  • Any document demonstrating relevant experience in the organization of similar activities;
  • An example of a technical and financial report developed for previous projects;
  • An example of trainings undertaken in the past three years;
  • CVs of human resources to be involved;
  • Sample of works in the domain.

Learn more and apply here

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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