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U.S. Embassy Juba Media Training Program: Building Journalistic Capacity through Investigative Reporting

Status: Closed

  • Training & education

Organisation: US Embassy Juba

Deadline: 05/08/2023

Location: South Sudan


The U.S. Embassy in Juba, South Sudan announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to provide investigative journalism training for a media training center in South Sudan.

The U.S. Embassy invites proposals to provide investigative journalism training to 10 South Sudanese journalists and to integrate the training into the media center’s established certificate program. Through the training, these journalists would investigate allegations of environmental degradation, human rights abuses, and financial crimes. Each journalist would produce at least three articles within six months of the two-week training program. The budget includes preparation and follow-up time for the trainer, two weeks of instruction, resources to integrate the training into the curriculum, the provision of electronic equipment, and a modest stipend for each journalist for in-country travel to conduct investigations and reporting.

Participants and Audiences:
Participants would include journalists. The grant recipient would implement the project in coordination
with a media training center in South Sudan.


  1. The following organizations are eligible to apply:
  •  Registered not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-
    governmental organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Journalist training organizations
  • For-profit organizations
  • Individuals
  • Public International Organizations and Governmental Institutions
  1. Cost Sharing or Matching
    Cost sharing is not required.
  2.  Other Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number issued via www.SAM.gov as well as a valid registration on www.SAM.gov. Please see Section D.3 for more information. Individuals are not required to have a UEI or be registered on SAM.gov. Applicants are only allowed to submit one proposal per organization. If more than one proposal is submitted from an organization, all proposals from that institution will be considered ineligible for funding.


Learn more here and apply.

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