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The Center for Democracy and Technology Senior Policy Counsel

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

The Center for Democracy & Technology is hiring a senior policy counsel to lead a new workstream on evolving technology and the workplace. This position will report to the director of the Privacy & Data Project, which works to enhance individual rights and corporate responsibility in the digital world. The Senior Counsel will lead a new initiative focused on the specific ways in which new data-driven technologies affect workers. The initiative builds upon CDT’s existing work on the use of AI in hiring, the potential for data to perpetuate discrimination, and our years-long advocacy for comprehensive privacy legislation and for companies to adopt meaningful policies to protect (and prevent exploitative uses of) users’ data. The Senior Counsel will help set the direction for and manage the execution of this project, including by forging collaborations with labor organizations and workers’ rights and civil rights groups engaging on these issues.

Full details about this position can be found here.

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