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Short-term experts for capacity building programs for Ukrainian journalists in Bucharest

To strengthen the editorial and operational capacities of journalists in exile and in Ukraine, CFI is looking for qualified trainers (M/F). More specifically, CFI is looking for

  • A trainer in fact-checking and fight against disinformation:
    o Consolidating the basics of fact-checking and bringing journalists who are new to this discipline up to speed;
    o How social media and online news work, spotting fake news, source verification, content production, fact checker integrity, etc.;
    o How to use advanced digital tools for fact-checking;
    o Getting to grips with visual verification techniques.
  • A trainer in conflict sensitive journalism:
    o Basics of conflict sensitive journalism and journalistic deontology;
    o Examples of conflict sensitive journalism;
    o Professionalism versus patriotism, activism.
  • A trainer in digital security
    o Identifying cyber threats;
    o Mastering digital environment, networks, choosing tools;
    o Protection of communications;
    o Use of protection software, data encryption software and a VPN.
  • A trainer in physical security
    o Risk and threat assessment;
    o Protection during a mission, when travelling;
    o Protection in the event of kidnapping, arrest, or harassment

As the level and needs of the journalists may differ from one another, the training description is intended simply to give an indication. A need assessment will be carried out by CFI before the training sessions and trainer will be responsible to assess the level of the participants.

Expected deliverables

The details of the deliverables and their delivery times will be specified during a scoping meeting organized at the start of the service.

1. Training follow-up:

  • At the latest one week before the training session, the service providers will transmit the program of project manager training.
  • No later than one month after the last session, the service providers will send their materials validated training courses (presentations, and all educational documents provided) to the head of project.

2. Monitoring-evaluation of actions:

  • service providers will participate in carrying out monitoring-evaluation in the framework of training by distributing attendance lists and a questionnaire for evaluating skills after each training. The documents will then then be passed on to the CFI project manager in together with their activity report.

3. Report and invoice:

  • No later than one month after the last session, the service providers will send the project manager a qualitative report detailing the process, constraints and results of the activity as well as its recommendations (max 10 pages excluding annexes).
  • They will accompany it with an invoice detailing the cost of the days of service actually incurred during the support (in accordance with the financial offer of the providers), with the copies of supporting documents relating to the costs incurred for the activity.
Profile required of the expert

The skills required to perform the service are as follows:

  • Practical experience of fact-checking and solid knowledge of the issues and techniques of fact-checking;
  • Practical experience of conflict-sensitive journalism;
  • Solid knowledge of the media environment in Ukraine; working experience in Ukraine is a plus
  • Solid training experience;
  • Fluent in English, Russian and/or Ukrainian is a plus
  • All these skills must be justified in the candidate’s offer.
Offer selection criteria

Tenders will be judged according to the following criteria and weighting:

  • Understanding of the terms of reference and quality of the proposal /25 points;
  • Qualification of the candidate and similar experiences /50 points;
  • Proposed methodology /15 points;
  • Cost excluding tax of the service /10 point

Tenders must be submitted no later than 28/08/2022 before 6 p.m. UT by email to the following address: marie.bouilly@cfi.fr with imperatively in the subject “CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAM UKRAINE – HUB BUCAREST”.

More information on how to apply here.

Status: Open

  • Employment

Organisation: Canal France International (CFI)

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Bucharest


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