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Reuters Institute Offers Fellowships for Journalists and Scholars

The Reuters Institute offers two categories of fellowship: the Journalist Fellowship and the Visiting Fellowship.

The Journalist Fellowship offers an opportunity for practising journalists to develop an academic understanding of the media industry and focus on in-depth research, away from the pressure of tight deadlines. As a Reuters Institute Journalism Fellow you would spend one, two, or three terms at the University of Oxford.

The Reuters Institute accepts a very small number of Visiting Fellowships from senior practitioners working in journalism, news media or academic fields closely related to, and relevant to, their own research projects.

Visiting Fellowships are non-salaried, visiting positions designed to foster close links with people working within other media organisations, whose work aligns with the aims of the Reuters Institute. Academic Visiting Fellows hold substantive appointments on the faculty of other academic or research institutions. For further information about Academic Visiting Fellows,  contact Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of Research: rasmus.nielsen@politics.ox.ac.uk. Practitioner Visiting Fellows usually hold senior positions in news media and have extensive experience in industry. For further information about Practitioner Visiting Fellows, contact Alexandra Borchardt, Director of Strategy: alexandra.borchardt@politics.ox.ac.uk

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Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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