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Richard C. Longworth Media Fellowships

Status: Closed

  • Fellowships

Organisation: Pulitzer Center

Deadline: 02/05/2022

Location: United States of America

  • Eligibility Criteria
    – The Longworth Fellowships are open to print, broadcast and online journalists based in Chicago or elsewhere in the Midwest. Staff journalists, as well as freelancers, are eligible to apply.
    – Field reporting should be from international locations and topics must be timely and of clear interest and importance to Chicago and Midwestern audiences.
  • Funding Type: Programmatic
  • Target Countries: USA
  • Application Language: English

The Pulitzer Center is offering Richard C. Longworth Media Fellowships, a collaboration with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, aims to promote international reporting by Chicago and Midwestern journalists.

Award Information
Two $10,000 fellowships will be awarded each year for the next two years to journalists focusing on global issues that affect Chicago and Midwestern readers and viewers.

Proposed projects must include a credible plan for broad dissemination of the resulting work in Chicago or other Midwestern news media (print, online and/or broadcast). Both staffers and freelancers should be able to demonstrate committed interest from editors and/or producers. For freelancers, the credibility of a distribution plan is generally most evident in an applicant’s track record working with the listed outlets. Please do not have editors send letters simply stating they would consider the work. Letters from editors and/or producers who have worked with you in the past, and are interested in working with you again, are encouraged.

See here to learn more and apply.

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