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Professional Certificate in African Media and Digital Policy

Status: Open

  • Training & education

Organisation: University of Stellenbosch

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Online

The University of Stellenbosch in association with the Namibia Media Trust (NMT) are offering you an opportunity to register for free for the Professional Certificate in African Media and Digital Policy.

This interactive course is in two parts, with each part comprising four (4) modules that you can complete at the rate of one a week.

The African Media and Digital Policy course explores freedom of expression, access to information, and online freedoms in Africa, considering disinformation and issues with Internet companies’ models. It addresses AI’s impact on media and journalism, examining colonial legacies and neo-colonial control of communications for political repression, and civil society’s role in achieving change.

The course delves into transforming inhibiting policies and practices, enabling better communication freedoms through appropriate laws.

What you will learn
  • Knowledge of human rights relevant to media and digital policy in Africa, as well as of key policy issues and how civil society action can shape these.
  • Ability to recall, connect and adapt this knowledge to specific countries of the learner’s choice.
  • Capacity to plan, create and communicate a civil society campaign for improved policy and practice in this area.
How to register

The training begins on May 27, 2024. To learn more and register, please click here.

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