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Osf Seeks Program on Independent Journalism Director

Deadline: 31 October | Open Society Foundations (OSF) is looking for a new director to lead the Program on Independent Journalism. The director is responsible for guiding the program’s strategy; identifying major shifts and trends and shaping the program’s goals and portfolios accordingly; overseeing grant-making to more than a hundred organizations every year; building and maintaining communications within OSF and with other philanthropies; and leading and supporting the development of a team of 14 staff. The director needs to have a good grasp of the ever-changing landscape for digital journalism and the impact of technology on media. The director is expected to bring innovative thought leadership and conceptualize the ways OSF can support the field as a grant-maker, be a catalyzer of networks and a promoter of pioneering work.

More information about the role is available here

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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