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One World Media Fellowship

Status: Open

  • Fellowships

Organisation: One World Media

Deadline: 27/03/2023

Location: Global

One World Media Fellowship is aimed at aspiring journalists and filmmakers who seek to make a career out of reporting on stories from the global south.
The projects of the Fellows who are working in film, print, audio or multimedia bring together integrity and creativity to present underreported stories that break down stereotypes and build cross-cultural connections.

One World Media Fellowship guides filmmakers and journalists on a single project, and provides a supportive network of mentors and peers through the production and completion of their project.

What is One World Media looking for?

The fellowship is open to applications from all around the world.

One World Media Fellows are aspiring filmmakers and journalists ready to take the next leap in their career reporting from the global south. Looking for their first director role or solo investigation, the Fellows experiment and learn in a supportive environment.

In 2023, they will select 10 international Fellows.

One World Media is looking for projects that are:

  • Projects in pre-production that tell engaging stories from low- and middle-income countries across the global south;
  • Non-fiction media across all platforms: film, print, audio, photojournalism, and multimedia;
  • Proposals where majority of the budget is in place or achievable in a short time-frame;
  • Projects that can be delivered within a year – for films this is under 30 mins; and
  • Stories that are strong enough to be published or broadcast in established media outlets. We are looking for genuine journalism or documentary and will fund media that could ultimately appear in existing newspapers, magazines, radio, TV channels, professional news websites and online platforms, etc.


What do fellows receive?

  • £1,000 production grant
  • Executive Producer for your project
  • Career mentorship
  • Workshops and webinars by industry experts
  • Fair Reporting and Security Guidance
  • Introductions to commissioners
  • Network of like-minded Fellows and Alumni


The organisation seeks to champion diverse emerging talents and particularly encourage submissions from underrepresented groups (people of colour, ethnic groups, women, LGBTQ+, or people with disabilities) as well as from people from and based in the global south.

To learn more and apply, please click here.

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