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Ocean Reporting Network Fellowship 2024 – Global South

Status: Open

  • Fellowships

Organisation: Pulitzer Center

Deadline: 26/05/2024

Location: Global South

Applications are now open to join the second cohort of the Ocean Reporting Network (ORN), a fellowship program that gives professional journalists the opportunity to spend a whole year working on an in-depth or investigative ocean story.

The Ocean Reporting Network, or ORN, is a Pulitzer Center initiative designed to facilitate cross-border reporting on illegal fishing, pollution, human rights violations, and other wrongdoings that continue to threaten marine biodiversity and coastal communities.

The network will establish a collaborative ecosystem of journalists around the world.

  • Access to data and documents as well as the opportunity to sharpen your data skills with support from the Pulitzer Center’s Data and Research team.
  • Specialized training opportunities such as the use of satellite imagery and other digital tools in investigations, corporate and follow-the-money research, and more.
  • The opportunity to work and collaborate with other journalists on stories that transcend your country and region and can achieve true global impact.
  • A community of like-minded colleagues that will continue beyond your Fellowship.
  • The possibility of renewing your Fellowship for an additional one or two years, based on performance.
  • Salaries commensurate with experience.
What they are looking for?
  • They want compelling, impactful, innovative, and well-developed story ideas that can be followed over the course of a year—not just a one-off story, or coverage of a general topic.
  • Experienced environmental journalists—freelancers or staff—working with local, regional, or international media outlets in online, print, radio, and video format.
  • Teams of journalists proposing cross-border collaborations.
  • Dedicated team players who will devote a full year to their ocean investigation and publish regularly following a timeline decided together with the Pulitzer Center and their editors.
How to apply

The application deadline for this fellowship is May 26, 2024. To learn more and apply, please click here.

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