The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is looking for an experienced data editor to work with data team, editors and journalists around the world. You will scope out data-intensive projects for journalistic value and technical feasibility, and provide data support to large cross-border investigations.

This is not a typical data journalism role. Statistical analysis and data interactives are not the name of the game. Instead, much of your time will be spent working with the reporters to make effective use of large document troves and public records to find story leads related to crime and corruption. Previous data projects have often included an aspect of forensic analysis, such as Kocner’s library, as well as web scraping, flight or vessel tracking, or open source investigations.

You will have one foot in the editorial team and one in the data team. You will be working with the data team’s software developers, who build Aleph, our data platform for our reporters, and the data desk which handles incoming data requests from our regional editors and member centers. You will be trained to work in-depth with Aleph which houses thousands of datasets – leaks, company and property registries and public records – that our team has collected in order to help our reporters to follow the money.

Job Description

  • Editorial assessment and scoping of data projects. You will discuss new data projects with our editors, help decide which to prioritize, and develop data strategies for investigations.
  • Data analysis and lead generation. Help the reporters follow the money through a wild mix of data sources, from leaked emails and land registries to black market databases.
  • Knowledge management and access. As part of a decentralised network of investigative media, OCCRP’s data team makes sure the right people have access to the right material.
  • Cross-border collaboration. Working with an international team from a multitude data technical experts.
  • Operational security. Ensuring the confidentiality of our investigations and the safety of our sources and reporters requires a high level of technical and procedural awareness.
  • Mentorship and training. Working with the reporters to help them develop data skills, both in using in-house tools and to apply general data analysis techniques.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Experience in exercising editorial judgement to decide the value of a story and to prioritise potential data sources.
  • Experience working on large, cross border investigations.
  • Experience processing, cleaning and analysing different kinds of data.
  • Comfortable with Python, Linux command-line tools and SQL.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Experience working with large leaks of documents and data forensics.
  • Experience as a trainer, especially in data journalism.
  • Experience working in media development and with people from diverse backgrounds with different skill levels.
  • Topical expertise regarding corruption, money laundering or offshore finance.
  • Working understanding of data privacy and intellectual property regulations.
  • Understanding of operational security in journalism (using PGP, SSH, VeraCrypt etc.)

Location: Remote position requiring travel to OCCRP’s HQ in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Applicant must work within timezones UTC +0 to UTC +4.

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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