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Nia Tero offers Pasifika Journalism Fellowship

  • Eligibility criteria:
    – Emerging journalists and students with at least 2 years of experience, who identify as Indigenous or as a Native person from the Pacific Islands, are encouraged to apply for this fellowship.
    – This fellowship is open to all forms of journalism, which include, but are not limited to: broadcast, written, print, online, video, and photojournalism.
  • Type of funding: Fellowship
  • Target countries: Worldwide
  • Application language: English

Nia Tero is proud to announce a call for applications for the next Pasifika Journalism Fellowship cohort to support Native and Indigenous-led news reporting in the Pacific Islands. The Pasifika Journalism Fellowship supports Indigenous journalists as individuals or pairs on stories in the Pacific that cover critical topic areas surrounding what they call “Indigenous guardianship” – Indigenous peoples’ sovereign, collective care for thriving homelands and waters. Issues can thus span topics of Environment, Identity, Oceans, Sustainability, and Culture, though they preference stories or issues that are directly tied to Pacific Islanders’ vision to sustain the thriving island and ocean places they are a part of.

Applicants will be asked to prepare a project proposal and budget on a story that features Pasifika peoples and their relationship in areas surrounding guardianship, such as: Environment, Identity, Oceans, Sustainability, and Culture.

See here to learn more and apply.

Status: Closed

Organisation: Nia Tero

Deadline: 03/04/2022


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