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Media Diversity Institute Social Media Campaigner

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

Media Diversity Institute is seeking a Social Media Campaigner to lead the strategic development, management, design, coordination, and delivery of Reporting Diversity Network 2.0 project campaign to counter hate speech in traditional and social media across the Western Balkans.

Reporting Diversity Network 2.0 is an 48-month project covering 6 countries designed to challenge stereotypes, debunk hateful narratives about neighbouring nations and minorities within the counties and shape public opinion by developing narratives alternative to online hate, inclusive content and leveraging traditional and new media platforms.

Successful applicants for the Social Media Campaigner role will have:

  • Minimum of two years of practical experience in successful social media campaigning;
  • Good knowledge of the Western Balkan region and regional languages is an asset.

Full details can be found here.

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