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McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism

Status: Closed

  • Fellowships

Organisation: McGraw Center for Business Journalism

Deadline: 31/08/2022

  • Eligibility Criteria: 
    – The McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism is open to anyone with at least five years professional experience in journalism. Freelance journalists, as well as reporters and editors currently working at a news organization or a journalism non-profit, may apply.
    – Proposals of interest to U.S. readers from both foreign and American journalists based abroad will be considered, as long as the work is published in English in a U.S.-based media outlet.
  • Type of Funding: Programmatic
  • Target Country: Worldwide
  • Application language: English

The McGraw Fellowship provides editorial and financial support to journalists who need the time and resources to produce a significant investigative or enterprise story that provides fresh insight into an important business, financial or economic topic. They accept applications for in-depth text, audio and short-form video pieces. Unfortunately, they cannot support long-form documentaries at this time. The McGraw Fellowship is not a residency Fellowship. Even outside of the current pandemic, all McGraw Fellows work from their own offices.

The stipend — up to $15,000 — is intended to cover travel and research expenses incurred in reporting the stories. The exact amount each Fellow receives will depend on the time it takes to complete the project and the expenses needed. Freelance journalists can use a share of their stipend to help cover living expenses while they work on the project.

See here to learn more and apply.

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