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Maureen Kerridge Scholarship Program

Status: Open

  • Scholarships

Organisation: Chief Executive Women (CEW)

Deadline: 24/06/2024

Location: Australia

The Chief Executive Women (CEW) is seeking applications for its Maureen Kerridge Scholarship Program to promote the position of women in their organisation.

The CEW Scholarships Committee looks to award scholarships to the most outstanding future women leaders who will gain the most from the course concerned. In addition to considering responses to application questions, the Committee takes into account the current work responsibilities of the candidate, her perceived career progression and the relevance of the course.

In celebration and memory of Maureen Kerridge AM and her achievements as a pioneering woman in media, the Kerridge family is generously donating a scholarship for one woman in advertising, media, and television to attend a course of their choosing, at an institution of their choosing.

Who should apply?
  • Mid-to senior executive (i.e., CEO, or no more than three levels down from CEO) working in advertising, media, or television.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience in advertising, media, or television.
  • Five years or more professional business experience.
  • Australian citizen or resident.
Scholarship Information
  • The total value of the scholarship is $35,000 AUD. The selected program and travel (up to a total value of $3,000 AUD) must not exceed the total scholarship value of $35,000 AUD.
  • The successful candidate must complete the course within 12 months of award.
How to apply

The deadline for applications is June 24, 2024. To learn more and apply, please click here.

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