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Journalism Bootcamp: Reporting Profit & Loss of Biodiversity

  • Eligibility criteria:
    – Journalists with experience or strong interest in biodiversity and climate change, businesses and social performance, and/or human rights.
    – Applicants must be full-time journalists or regular contributors for media organisations with a minimum of three years’ professional experience.
    – Participant must have a high proficiency level of spoken and written English.
    – Applicants must have access to a minimum internet speed of 8 MB/second.
    – Applicants must commit to participating in the three days of the bootcamp.
  • Type of funding: Training
  • Target countries: Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Application language: English

The Journalism Bootcamp: Reporting Profit & Loss of Biodiversity is an opportunity provided by the Exploring the Profit and Loss of Biodiversity Destruction Programme.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation’s dual-track bootcamp offers an excellent opportunity for journalists and CSOs to collaborate towards the mitigation of the loss of biodiversity in their countries, and globally. Led by world-class trainers and experts, the bootcamp will be conducted over three consecutive days using Zoom and other interactive online tools to connect participants in engaging real-time video seminars.

The dual-track program aims to strengthen trust between journalists and NGOs/CSOs by upskilling journalists to better report on the topic and enhancing CSOs’ communications to effectively communicate their message to the media. The first two days, journalists and CSOs will be trained separately, and the third day, the whole group will join for networking and collaborative exercises.

Bootcamp practical info:

  • Dates: 08 -10 June 2022 | Free participation upon strict selection
  • Timing: From 9am Jakarta/ 10 am Kuala Lumpur to 1pm Jakarta/ 2pm Kuala Lumpur
  • Location: Online (Indonesia and Malaysia)
  • Language: English

See here to learn more and apply.

Status: Closed

Organisation: Thomas Reuters Foundation

Deadline: 30/04/2022


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