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IPI Local News Accelerator Programme

Status: Closed

  • Training & education

Organisation: International Press Institute

Deadline: 27/08/2023

Location: Global

IPI is excited to launch its Local News Accelerator: applications are now open for newsrooms to join this three-month programme.

Apply to the Local News Accelerator and receive training and sustainability support for media serving local and niche audiences

The objective is to help local media organizations take meaningful steps toward financial and editorial sustainability. They will do this by giving you the structure, support and skills development to test and implement new ideas that will help you serve your communities and adapt in the face of a rapidly evolving media landscape.

IPI’s Local News Accelerator is a three-month programme where you and your media organization will build the skills to develop a sustainable media business. The accelerator will offer outlets the tools and guidance to learn how to reach audiences and empower your teams to build habits to grow into an engaged, responsive media brand.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The program is open to both established and new media, based around the world, as long as you serve a regional, local, or niche community with high-quality independent news.
  • You should be a media organization (no geographic limitations) and demonstrate a clear focus on serving local audiences, with news tailored to the specific needs of the local community.
  • You must produce original content in the public interest, be non-partisan and represent the interests of your target audience.
  • Applicants must submit a proposal outlining a specific project (but it is anticipated that this project may evolve during the accelerator period)
  • Your organization must have a team of at least two individuals who are willing to commit to accelerator activities throughout the three months (this is estimated at a time commitment of eight hours per week, divided between the team of two).
  • The organization should demonstrate a commitment to producing quality original journalism, adherence to ethical journalism practices, and commitment to press freedom.
  • Your media should have a solid business case and understanding of their audience, ideally backed up by audience or market research.
  • Your media should demonstrate a willingness to explore and implement new ideas, tools, and technologies to enhance storytelling and audience engagement while learning from experts and each other.
  • Your media should have a clear vision for the future of their media organization, including plans for how they will grow, expand and/or adapt.

Key facts: 

  • Local media from around the world eligible for training, coaching, and network support
  • Deadline for applications: 27 August 2023
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How to apply:

The deadline for applications is August 27, 2023, and in order to apply, you will need to share some details about your organization, your audience, and business model.

You will also submit a brief project proposal – tell us about a specific project you would like to work on with the help of the accelerator. This could be, for example, developing a new editorial product, carrying out audience research, or the launch of a new revenue stream.

Please note that the expected time commitment is approximately eight hours per week, divided between two participating team members, for the three months of the accelerator.

Learn more and apply for the accelerator here. 

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