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Executive Director

The International Press Institute (IPI) is seeking an enthusiastic, experienced Executive Director to lead the organization’s global activities in support of independent journalism worldwide. At a time when attacks against independent journalism and press freedom are on the rise, the IPI Global Network represents an important shield against increasing efforts to limit press freedom, silence journalists and hinder journalistic work. The IPI Executive Director holds a key responsibility in ensuring that the IPI global network remains a strong voice in defence of independent journalism worldwide.

The successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of journalism worldwide and the many challenges that journalists face in carrying out their job independently and without fear of retaliation. They will also be able to identify and implement successful strategies to address these challenges.The successful candidate will be able to shape IPI’s overall strategy and implementation plan by harnessing the power of IPI’s global network of editors, media executives, and leading journalists as a unique voice in the fight for independent journalism. They will be scrupulous and honest manager of IPI’s overall budget as well as project budgets, acting in full awareness that IPI’s funds come from donation and public funds and will be managed in fulfilment of the IPI mission and in the sole interest of the community of editors, publishers and journalists that IPI represents.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Development and implementation of IPI overall strategy as well as project-specific strategies.
  • Development of IPI’s overall and project-specific budgets and thorough management of the finances in line with said budgets
  • Coordinate IPI’s fundraising efforts for IPI’s projects, press freedom fund and events, including the annual IPI World Congress
  • Oversee IPI’s membership outreach efforts to ensure that the IPI network grows to include members who support IPI’s mission and goals and are stanch promoters of independent public interest journalism worldwide
  • Provide leadership and direction to IPI’s senior staff through the development of their roles and responsibilities and by ensuring that their performance goals are met and that their teams develop strategies and have work plans that will enable the organization to meet its goals
  • Directly oversee the hiring and firing of staff members
  • Provide guidance for program and project activities
  • Represent the organisation at conferences, events, panel discussions as well as in interviews with journalists
  • Liaise with members of the IPI Executive Board to ensure a regular exchange of key strategic decisions
  • Ensure that all IPI actions are in line with the organisation’s bylaws, including the IPI Constitution and Financial Policy, as well as in respect of the laws of the countries in which the organisation operates
  • Directly oversee the organisation of the IPI World Congress and General Assembly, as well as IPI’s semi-annual meetings of the IPI Executive Board
  • Lead and participate in press freedom missions and other press freedom activities
  • Represent IPI on various boards and committees of partner non-governmental and governmental organisations

In carrying out these tasks the Executive Director will work closely with IPI’s senior staff as well as the members of the IPI Executive Board, National Committee chairs and other members of the IPI network.


The Executive Director:

  • has a strong work ethic and acts with integrity, transparency and respect
  • has very good knowledge of the journalistic profession and the challenges journalists face in doing their jobs across the world
  • has proven familiarity with press freedom and a strong understanding of freedom of expression as a fundamental human right
  • is able to think strategically and take advantage of opportunities to use the voice of the IPI global network to support independent journalism
  • has a successful track record of managing complex budgets and financial reports, and embraces transparency and accountability and core requirements of the organisation
  • is a strong communicator comfortable with developing and publicly presenting arguments in a convincing and professional manner, including in front of individuals hostile to press freedom
  • is able to motivate staff members, to lead by example and create relationships of reciprocal trust and respect
  • is able to convince donors and other stakeholders of the importance of IPI’s work and the unique role played by IPI as a global network
  • has a proven understanding of the work and culture of non-governmental organizations and is comfortable working in a diverse, multinational environment
  • is an excellent communicator and has a very good command of English. Additional languages are beneficial
Work experience and education

The Executive Director should have significant relevant professional experience at a senior level. Journalistic experience and/or experience managing a related human rights organization is highly valued and will be considered a clear advantage. The Executive Director should hold a degree in journalism, politics, international relations, law or other related field. Additional qualifications are considered a plus.

Location and term

The location for this position is Vienna, Austria, at IPI’s headquarters. All nationalities are eligible to apply. A successful candidate who is not a citizen of the European Union/European Economic Area will be eligible for a work permit in Austria.
The start date for this position is September 2022, or as soon as possible thereafter.


Salary will be determined based on experience and qualifications. Net (take-home) salaries are paid 14 times per year in accordance with Austrian employment law. IPI employees are able to benefit from Austria’s national health and other social insurance programmes. The salaries of IPI employees are not subject to income tax in Austria.
Holiday allowance is 25 days per year, in addition to Austrian national holidays.

How to apply

If you meet the qualifications above, please send a cover letter and CV to the email address jobs@ipi.media with the subject line “Executive Director”. Please include the names and contact information of at least two references. Applications must be received by no later than June 26, 2022. All applications will be kept strictly confidential.
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, which can be conducted at IPI’s offices in Vienna, or virtually.

For more information, click here.

Status: Closed

  • Employment

Organisation: The International Press Institute (IPI)

Deadline: 26/06/2022

Location: Vienna, Austria


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