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Internews Short-term Consultancy – Tunisia: Information Ecosystem Assessment Researcher

Internews will conduct an Information Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) with a specific focus on youth, women, and people with disabilities in regions with limited access to information. The IEA will be a formative research piece that Internews and its CEPPS partners use 1) to inform future media development strategy in country, 2) to inform the design and implementation of various project activities and targeted approaches, and 3) act as a baseline study to evaluate the potential change resulting from Internews’ activities in country, as per the specific objective of each.

We are seeking a qualified individual or research company to carry out research. The success candidate will propose a plan for carrying out research activities, use qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods, share preliminary findings with Internews, and produce a final report.


This is a short-term consultancy with an expected start date of 10 February 2021 and an anticipated end date of 5 April 2021, comprising approximately 40 working days. Both individuals and research agencies/companies are welcome to apply. The deadline for submissions is 1 February 2021.

This will be a remote-first consultancy, and candidates from anywhere are invited to apply.


Despite Tunisia’s efforts and progress in consolidating a democratic tradition, citizen trust in the political process and government institutions remains low. A majority of Tunisians believe their government performs poorly and that political parties are doing little to address citizen needs. This lack of trust is especially pronounced among vulnerable and marginalized populations, including in Tunisia’s underserved interior regions, who struggle to access the political process given unequal access to education and information and socio-cultural barriers that prevent their inclusions.

The series of elections taking place in the country between 2022 and 2023 provide an opportunity for citizens to engage in political and electoral processes, and presents milestones for political and governing institutions to demonstrate a commitment to addressing citizen concerns. Targeted assistance to key electoral bodies, government institutions and political parties to improve their capacity, paired with strengthened media capacity to provide accurate, reliable information, will raise citizens’ awareness of their democratic system, enable them to make informed decisions in elections, and encourage deeper civic engagement. As a result, this will bolster citizen confidence in the democratic process.

Internews’ aim is to work with its partners to better inform and engage Tunisian citizens and civil society groups in elections and political processes, through creating healthy, dynamic and transparent information environments which would empower citizens to make better-informed decisions, bridge divides, participate more fully in their communities, and hold power to account. Building upon efforts to support Tunisia’s continued democratic transition, Internews will work to build media capacity to report on electoral issues, identify and counter disinformation, and reach target communities with information relevant to elections.



·    Degree in politics, international politics, media, journalism, international development, evaluation, or related field.

·    At least 5 years of quantitative and qualitative research experience.

·    Extensive experience and knowledge of different research methodologies, particularly qualitative research.

·    Interest in participatory research techniques and desire to use alternative, less traditional research methodologies.

·    Strong contextual knowledge and access to remote or less centralized locations within Tunisia.

·    Excellent English writing skills OR incorporation of translation costs as part of the total budget.

·    Fluency in English/French and Arabic.

·    In all duties, demonstrated understanding of and commitment to upholding Internews’ Core Values.


·    Experience conducting evaluations for media development and a strong knowledge of the Tunisian media landscape.

·    Master’s degree or PhD in relevant field.

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Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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