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Learning Path Consultant

Status: Open

  • Employment

Organisation: Internews Network and Internews Europe

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Remote

Internews is looking for a part-time Learning Path Consultant to support the development of a peer verification framework for digital protectors (including digital security trainers, auditors, and technologists who work with at-risk individuals and NGOs) across the world.

The framework will focus on the acquisition of specialized technical expertise (STE) and allow digital protectors to access a clear learning path, upskill themselves, and be verified and recognized by their peers for the knowledge they have obtained. Learners will be able to earn specific ‘badges’, each corresponding to an area of STE and representing knowledge and ability to deploy relevant technical skillsets to identify threats and implement corresponding mitigations.

The consultant will:

  • Assist in research on creating a verification or credential system, based on both the needs of existing digital protectors and, if applicable, case studies of other communities that established an effective peer verification framework.
  • Draft a badge framework and learning path topics for specific areas of STE for digital protectors. This framework will be based on desk research of existing resources and feedback from project mentors (who will represent a wide range of regions and countries) and regional partners.
  • Travel to and participate (if it is safe to do so) in a global convening of digital protectors.
  • Analyze the discussions during and conclusions of the global convening to further refine the STE and badge framework.
  • Assist in summarizing the STE and badge framework on the relevant website and other resources.

Tasks will include:

  • [12% of Effort] Collaborate with the Internews team to draft a memo summarizing the findings of initial research on learning paths and peer verifications systems;
    1. Conduct desk research, in cooperation with Internews staff, on existing and ideal learning paths in the field of digital security, particularly as it relates to the safety of NGOs, journalists, human rights defenders, and other marginalized communities;
    2. Conduct interviews and discussions with Internet Freedom community members who have experience with community verification systems or who focus on issues related to upskilling and recruiting other trusted digital protectors;
  • [32% of Effort] Develop a framework for acquiring and verifying STE;
    1. Drawing on existing taxonomies, co-develop learning paths and badges for digital protectors, each of which covers a specific area of STE;
    2. In close cooperation with mentors and regional partners, identify resources and trainings for digital protectors in different regions across the world;
    3. Contribute to a data model to track badges and learning path resources including key skills, tools, and languages;
  • [20% of Effort] Actively participate in a global convening of mentors with STE, during which the framework will be developed, discussed, and refined;
  • [20% of Effort] Refine the framework for developing and verifying STE based on feedback collected from mentors and regional partners; and
  • [16% of Effort] Contribute design and usability input for the website which will house the STE framework.



  • Required developing curricula, guides, or interactive digital platforms;
  • Thematic expertise in digital safety and related STE;
  • Experience working with a wide range of nonprofit, journalist, or similar communities;
  • Strong understanding of adult learning approaches;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Professional-level fluency in English;
  • Optimism, a sense of humor, and excitement at supporting and elevating voices of people across the globe.



Note: Candidates who do not have these preferred qualifications, but are interested and willing to learn, are encouraged to apply.

  • Experience with threat modeling;
  • Experience identifying and implementing digital security solutions for at-risk individuals or organizations;
  • Working knowledge of multiple major languages (sufficient to browse and identify resources);
  • Bachelor’s, master’s degree, or equivalent experience in education, instructional design, or curriculum development.

Internews Network is an EEO/AAP/OFCCP employer. Every qualified applicant will be considered for employment. Internews does not discriminate based on race, gender, gender identity or orientation, genetic information, age, national origin, marital status, disability status, political ideology, military or protected veteran status, or any other characteristics protected by applicable law.

This is a remote, deliverable-based consultancy estimated to comprise 20-30 working days, with work spanning approximately 3 months.

To apply, please click here.

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