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Human Rights Press Awards 2023 (Asia)

Status: Closed

  • Awards & prizes

Organisation: Human Rights Watch

Deadline: 05/02/2024

Location: Asia

Nominations are now open for the Human Rights Press Awards to recognise and encourage excellent, investigative and original reporting on important issues in the mass media.

The goal of the Awards is to increase respect for people’s basic rights and to focus attention on threats to those freedoms.


Investigative Writing (English)

  • Recognising investigative work in English that makes use of all journalistic tools to uncover or expose new details of a significant human rights issue.

Investigative Writing (Chinese)

  • Recognising investigative work in Chinese that makes use of all journalistic tools to uncover or expose new details of a significant human rights issue.


  • Recognising a single image or a series of images demonstrating excellence in photography on a single, specific human rights issue.


  • Recognising innovative, multi-format reporting on a human rights issue which makes use of two or more of the following mediums: text, photo essay, video, audio/podcast, infographic and/or interactive elements.

Documentary Video

  • Recognising excellent video reporting, both short- and long-form up to one hour in length, on an issue of human rights significance.

Podcast (New for 2024)

  • Recognising audio-only reporting on human rights delivered online in a serial podcast format.

Newsroom in Exile (New for 2024)

  • Recognising outstanding human-rights coverage on countries where on-the-ground reporting is dangerous or impossible, conducted by newsrooms located abroad.


Works must be:

  • In English or Chinese.
  • Reported by professional journalists, including freelancers, but excluding corporations or activist groups.
  • Published or broadcast during the past calendar year, i.e. 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023 on a professional media platform.
  • Reported about the Asia region, including Central Asia, but excluding Middle East, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Related to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Publications may submit up to two entries in each category. Any work already submitted for one category cannot also be submitted into any additional category (with the exception of the two photography categories).

Learn more here and submit your work.

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