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Global Voices Seeking Part-time Editor for Latin America

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

Global Voices (GV) is seeking a part-time bilingual Spanish/English editor for its coverage of Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

The successful candidate will be a writer and editor with a deep understanding of and curiosity about all facets of Spanish-speaking Latin American societies.

The editor will be responsible both for editing stories written by Global Voices’ volunteer contributors, and for writing stories. GV’ stories focus on topics such as internet culture, freedom of speech online, technology and digital rights, human rights, diversity and representation, and language diversity.  The position involves working with a diverse community of contributors who write stories, or share ideas for stories, and who set the editorial agenda for the region—proposing ideas, sharing knowledge, and providing leads.

The editor will:

  • Closely follow alternative sources of information in the region, including citizen media, citizen-created content, content from leading opinion-makers at the crossroads of technology and information, and other news and stories in Spanish-speaking Latin America
  • Write articles about the region in collaboration with the regional team
  • Facilitate weekly virtual editorial meetings to collect and develop ideas and leads about happenings in the region
  • Provide input during the pitching process to determine courses of action for ideas and leads (stories, social media posts, etc.)
  • Edit and publish final versions of articles in both Spanish and English
  • Work closely with media partners to select and repackage stories adapting for a global audience, and promote and republish Global Voices stories on partner sites
  • Stay engaged with the Global Voices newsroom and larger community to participate in cross-regional projects
  • Work in accordance with Global Voices community and editorial guidelines, mission and culture

More information and application details are available here.

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