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Gfmd Seeking Regional Impact Coordinators

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

GFMD International Media Policy and Advisory Centre (IMPACT) is an initiative that aims to assist donors, funders, policy-makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders in making informed, evidence-based decisions on strategies, programming, funding, and advocacy for media development and journalism support.

GFMD IMPACT plans for 2021 include establishing a Help Desk, which will use a network of experts and resources brought together by GFMD to respond in a timely fashion to requests from donors and other key media stakeholders. 

To assist in the development of this Help Desk, we are looking for 5 IMPACT regional coordinators from the following regions:  

  1. Latin America and the Caribbean,
  2. Sub-Saharan Africa,
  3. Middle East and North Africa,
  4. Asia and the Pacific,
  5. Eastern Europe and Caucasus.

The coordinators will work with the GFMD IMPACT team to collect relevant resources, identify experts, compile literature in the area of media development and journalism support in their respective region. The envisaged effort is 10 to 15 working days. We are looking for coordinators with proven networking and engagement experience, academic, research or consultancy work in media development in the specific region. Coordinators will be paid for their time.

Please note, regional IMPACT coordinators must work for one of GFMD’s member organisations.

If you would like to apply to become one of our regional GFMD IMPACT coordinators, assisting us with creating Help Desk database of experts and resources, please send your resume, relevant research, and supporting documentation to projects@gfmd.info before 7 April.

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