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German-Latin American Journalism Scholarship Program

Status: Closed

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Organisation: International Journalists’ Programmes

Deadline: 17/12/2023

Location: Latin America

The International Journalists’ Programmes has announced the German-Latin American Journalism Scholarship Program to give young, talented journalists from Germany the opportunity to work in Latin America for two months.

Exploring the diversity of Latin America and establishing a long-term interest is the goal of the German-Latin American journalism scholarship. It is aimed at young, talented journalists  between the ages of 25 and 38 who already know Latin America or have an active interest in this region of the world.

The core of the program is a two-month work stay as a correspondent in Latin America. During this time, the scholarship holders should learn to better assess the economic and political background in Latin America and gain an impression of the culture, way of life and journalism in the host country.

In their journalistic work, the scholarship holders are supported by a guest editorial team in the selected country. This editorial work is provided by the German embassies and consulates in Latin America, but personal initiative is welcome. A certain willingness to work in the guest editorial team is expected, but the purpose of the scholarship is to work as a short-term correspondent , i.e. reporting for media in Germany. The scholarship holders are intended to help Latin America gain more recognition in the German media.

Funding Information

  • The scholarship consists of a payment of 4,000 euros. Of this, 3,500 euros will be paid before the start of the trip, 500 euros after submitting the published contributions and a field report; details will be discussed.
  • The scholarship is intended as a grant to cover travel, accommodation and food expenses during your stay abroad. A personal contribution from the scholarship holders is expected.

What does the German-Latin American scholarship program want to achieve?

  • The IJP scholarship is intended to give young, promising journalists from Germany the opportunity to familiarize them with Latin America or deepen their existing knowledge.
  • During their two-month work stay, they will learn to better assess the economic and political background in Latin America and gain an impression of the culture, way of life and journalism in the host country.
  • The program does not end after two months: a lively alumni network aims to consolidate long-term personal and professional contacts between Germany and Latin America.

Who can apply?

  • Young journalists from Germany who have completed their training (studies and possibly a traineeship/ journalism school) and have an interest in Latin America can apply.
  • Previous stays in Latin American countries are an advantage when applying, but are not a requirement.
  • Applicants should be between 25 and 38 years old, live in Germany and have already gained professional experience as an editor or regular (freelance) employee.
  • Anyone who works as a correspondent or freelancer outside of Germany is generally excluded from applying.
  • Employees of authorities, PR agencies or press offices cannot apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicants should have such good knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese that they can conduct interviews in the host country and take part in editorial life.

Learn more here and apply.

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