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Generative AI Specialist

Status: Open

  • Consultancy
  • Employment

Organisation: Internews

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Global ,Remote


Internews is seeking a highly skilled and experienced researcher/consultant on generative artificial intelligence (AI) to assist us in navigating the organization’s position regarding generative AI, including how we may be using it (or not) for our own programming. The consultant will research and analyse Internews’ opportunities for machine learning and generative AI applications to enable Internews to apply smart and equitable use of evolving technology and cultivate an environment of continuous learning. The consultant will also draft a comprehensive framework and guidelines pertaining to the ethical and responsible use of generative AI, researching the potential societal, ethical, and legal implications of generative AI technology for Internews and its partners.

In a fast-moving information landscape where media companies embark on using AI-powered content and technology, Internews is exploring solutions that promote equity and empower content creators and rights activists


DAY-TO-DAY TASKS will include:

Research and Analysis

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of Internews’ programmatic needs, goals, and existing infrastructure to explore certain applications of generative AI.
  •  Assess the potential risks, challenges, and impacts associated with generative AI technology in the domains relevant to Internews such as media, access to information, internet freedom, and digital rights.
  • Identify international standards, emerging trends, and developments in the field of AI, relevant to Internews.

Framework/ Policy Development

  • Develop a comprehensive framework/policy on generative AI that aligns with Internews’ mission, values, and commitment to human rights and democracy.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders, including technical and programmatic teams, internal technology experts, as well as Internews partners, to gather insights and incorporate diverse perspectives and needs in framework/policy development.
  • Address key issues such as data protection and privacy, bias mitigation, accountability, surveillance, disinformation; gendered misinformation, exploitative labor, and environmental impact.
  • Define guidelines and procedures for the responsible implementation and monitoring of generative AI applications within Internews programs and projects.
  • Collaborate closely with our VP of Technology, Services, and Systems (TSS) on a corresponding and complementary corporate policy that outlines the rules and guidelines for the ethical use of AI-Powered Platforms by employees, consultants, and board members of Internews.
  • Provide recommendations on further research and advocacy Internews can undertake to ensure generative AI in our field does not perpetuate harm.

Framework and Policy Implementation and Integration

  • Work closely with relevant Units and teams to introduce the generative AI framework and policies across Internews.
  • Provide guidance and support as necessary, including consultations for communities of practice and training sessions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Establish mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the generative AI framework and policies within Internews, in collaboration with the Impact team.
  • Establish guidance for monitoring emerging research and policy developments related to generative AI.

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing

  • Document the generative AI policy framework, guidelines, and procedures in a clear and accessible manner.
  • Prepare reports or presentations summarizing the key findings of the research, recommendations, and policies.
  • Create training materials and conduct workshops to educate Internews staff and partners on the generative AI framework and policies and their significance.

Values and Flexibility

Expected Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive framework on the use of generative AI for Internews, including human rights impact assessment, guidelines, and procedures tailored to Internews’ specific programmatic needs and objectives.
  • Documentation summarizing the framework, providing clear explanations, practical implementation guidance, and a map of key actors/interlocutors relevant to Internews working on AI (industry experts, academics, NGOs, governmental committees, international bodies, etc.).
  • A report highlighting the policy and framework implications and recommendations for stakeholders.
  • Training material or workshops to educate Internews staff and partners on the generative AI policies and their significance.


  • Demonstrated expertise and in-depth knowledge of generative AI policy, ethics, and legal considerations.
  • Experience in developing policies or guidelines related to emerging technologies, preferably within the AI domain.
  • Strong analytical and research skills, with an understanding of large language models (LLMs) and multi-modal models.
  • Understanding of global markets and the impact of AI worldwide.

To apply, please visit Internews website:

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