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Gambia Press Union’s National Journalism Awards 2023

Status: Closed

  • Awards & prizes

Organisation: Gambia Press Union (GPU)

Deadline: 09/11/2023

Location: Gambia

This is the highest and most prestigious Journalism Awards in the country organised by the Gambia Press Union (GPU) as a flagship event of the annual commemoration of World Press Freedom Day. The Awards honours and celebrates courage and excellence in Gambian journalism across all type of news and information media – print, online/multimedia platforms, radio, television, and photography.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The competition is open to all registered Gambia-based media outlets and journalists. Also, Gambian focused media outlets operating outside the country will be considered for this year’s awards. Gambian journalists whose stories are published on local and foreign media outlets are also eligible. All entries must have Gambia news values.
  • Opinion articles, advertorials, work produced under contract for commercial promotion and newsletter issues/articles are not eligible.
  • Personal blog, personal social media accounts/pages (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.) and content from non-media outlets are not eligible.

Award Categories 

They are excited to reveal the categories to be awarded at this year’s National Journalism Awards organized by The Gambia Press Union.

  • Business and Finance Reporting Award
  • Sports Reporting Award
  • Environment/Climate Change Reporting Award
  • Health & Medical Reporting Award
  • Women’s Reporting Award
  • Children’s Reporting Award
  • Travel and Tourism Reporting Award
  • Agriculture Reporting Award
  • Legal Affairs Reporting
  • Security Reporting
  • Culture, Arts and Entertainment Reporting Award
  • Photo Journalism Award
  • Human Rights Reporting Award
  • Migration & Human Trafficking Reporting Award
  • Political Reporting Award
  • Investigative Reporting Award
  • Journalist of the Year


  • In addition, a work/story cannot be submitted in more than one category. Example, one submission for one entry; two submissions for two entries, etc.
  • Audio or video entries for news items must not be more than 3 minutes news pieces. Features and special reports can go up to 7mins and long.
  • Text entries can be up to 3,000 words long.
  • All entries must be in English language.
  • Audio and Video entries that are not in English must be translated or subtitled in English.
  • Submissions can also be made by any Editor for another journalist, irrespective of whether that journalist is a member of his/her staff.

Learn more here and apply.

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