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Gabo Awards contest (Latin America)

Status: Closed

  • Awards & prizes

Organisation: Fundación Gabo

Deadline: 21/03/2023

Location: Latin America

Fundación Gabo organizes the Gabo Awards, which reward excellence, innovation and ethics in journalism.

Latin American journalists with works in Spanish and Portuguese can compete for cash prizes.

Stories must have been published for the first time between June 7, 2022 and March 21, 2023 to enter this year’s Gabo Award.

Journalists can compete in five categories: text, coverage, image, audio and photography.

The winners of the five categories will be invited to the Gabo Festival in Colombia. They will also receive COL35,000,000 (US$7,330).

The deadline is March 21.

For more detailed information (in Spanish), please click here.

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