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FASPE Journalism Fellowship Program 2024

Status: Closed

  • Fellowships

Organisation: FASPE

Deadline: 02/01/2024

Location: Berlin and Poland

Apply now for the FASPE Journalism Fellowship Program, an intensive, two-week study program in professional ethics and ethical leadership taking place in Berlin and Poland.

FASPE Journalism approaches the study of professional ethics by examining the actions and choices of German and international journalists in executing and/or enabling Nazi policies. FASPE then draws on this historical example to help Journalism Fellows grasp their role and responsibility as individuals with influence in their communities and to lead them to identify and confront the ethical issues currently facing journalists and media institutions at large.

Interdisciplinary work and exchanges are also a core component of the fellowship program and the FASPE alumni network. FASPE Journalism Fellows travel with FASPE Medical and FASPE Seminary Fellows, allowing Fellows in each program to benefit from cross-disciplinary perspectives and discussions.

FASPE selects its Fellows on the basis of their academic background, personal and professional experiences, capacity for leadership, and ability to contribute to the program and the alumni community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • have some journalistic experience (whether in a college newsroom or otherwise) and be enrolled in a graduate program of any kind and planning to work as a journalist; or
  • be working as a journalist with less than 10 years of professional experience.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have journalistic work that has been published or aired by a recognized news organization.
  • Applicants must be 42 or younger as of the application deadline.
  • FASPE seeks Fellows who are interested in engaging in discussions with their co-Fellows and faculty, and who have the intellectual and emotional maturity to unpack difficult and controversial issues responsibly and respectfully in small group settings.
  • FASPE seeks Journalism Fellows with diverse interests and backgrounds, including those pursuing careers as reporters, editors, photojournalists, documentarians, or other forms of storytelling in local, national, and international contexts.


  • the complicity of German and foreign journalists in Nazi policies through inadequate coverage or outright misrepresentation of the crimes being committed;
  • the impact of technology on journalism;
  • the role of journalists in electoral politics and in holding power accountable;
  • the nature and propriety of advocacy journalism;
  • normalizing aberrant behavior through media coverage;
  • the challenge of reporting in an era in which fake news and accusations of “fake news” are common;
  • balancing the costs and benefits of access tactics to address ethical issues within the journalism community or media outlets.

See more here to learn and apply.

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