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European Fact Checking Standards Network Coordinator

Status: Closed

  • Employment

Organisation: European Fact-Checking Standards Network (EFCSN)

Deadline: 20/03/2023

Location: Remote in Europe

The European Fact-Checking Standards Network (EFCSN) is looking for a Network Coordinator to lead the staff of the European Fact Checking Standards Network.

You will support high quality fact checking organisations across Europe to work together and with others to reduce the harm done by misinformation.

  • Reporting to the board
  • Remote working from anywhere in Europe, working language English (French will be valued)
  • Full time
  • €45,000-€80,000
  • 25 working days leave per year

Work with leading media companies and NGOs across Europe to reduce the harm done by misinformation and disinformation to democracy, to people’s health, and to communities. You will lead the staff of the European Fact Checking Standards Network (EFCSN), starting as the first employee and recruiting and developing the team.

The EFCSN is a newly-formed network created by nearly 50 fact-checking organisations from all parts of Europe. It will serve as a representative body that promotes the highest standards of impartial, ethical and transparent fact-checking.

You will make a vital contribution to one of the most important challenges of our time by coordinating this network and fostering a vibrant community of fact-checking organisations focused on improving the quality of fact-checking and influencing European-wide policies around misinformation.

EFCSN’s members are first responders to misinformation, working together to protect people during the pandemic, counter state sponsored disinformation, and hold their own democracies to account.

You will support the EFCSN’s members and help them develop and collaborate, including when necessary organising rapid reactions to major events. You’ll enjoy working with a diverse community of organisations applying shared standards in different political and media environments.

You will make the EFCSN’s voice heard among the EU and other European decision makers at a time when the EU is the world’s most important policy maker in relation to the internet companies. You’ll enjoy working as part of a team to discuss complex policy questions and communicate positions in ways that change minds.

You will make the case for the value of high quality fact checking to funders, researchers, internet companies, and a wide range of other potential partners. You’ll enjoy supporting the community to build its networks, making the most of all the members’ expertise and connections. Misinformation and disinformation is a constantly changing field. It is important, urgent, and fascinating.

EFCSN can make a decisive difference to the effectiveness of fact -checking across Europe. This is your chance to do work you can be proud of in collaboration with a friendly and innovative Europe-wide community.

If you are interested in applying but not sure you have all the skills, please do apply. The EFCSN is in its early stages and it is open to supporting its development and considering different ways the team could be designed to get the best out of your skills.

Outcomes in year one:
  1. Oversee the assessment process for the European Fact Checking Standards Code so that all applicants receive timely and consistent assessments.
  2. Establish systems of communications within the network so that members report feeling well informed about its work and able to contribute in ways that suit them and facilitate relations between the members.
  3. Secure sustainable funding so that the EFCSN can operate confidently and with credible independence.
  4. Hire the team and start to build a supportive and ambitious culture.
  5. Work with the Governance Body and the members to establish effective external relationships between the EFCSN and stakeholders including policy makers across Europe, internet companies, funders, and relevant civil society networks around the world.
  6. Work with the Governance Body and the members to develop an agreed plan and budget for future years.
What the EFCSN is looking for from you:
  • Governance. You have the ability to oversee the running of a small non-profit with high standards of governance, ethics and transparency (the EFCSN is registered in Belgium but your relevant experience can be from any setting).
  • Management. You have proven experience managing staff and volunteers in a supportive and ambitious environment.
  • Fundraising and finance. You have proven experience of fundraising and the ability to take overall responsibility for the EFCSN’s budget.
  • Internal communications. You have the proven ability to maintain clear communication among a complex network so that every members’ contribution is equally valued.
  • Enabling approach. You’re more interested in what is achieved together than who gets credit, and you’re happy to ‘disagree and commit’ when members of the network have taken a position.
  • Ambassador. You’ll be an effective advocate for the EFCSN and its collective positions to senior stakeholders including in governments, the media, funders, and global companies; and you’ll work effectively with the EFCSN’s other external representatives including the Governance Body.
  • Policy and politics. You’ll have experience handling complex political situations effectively, and an appreciation of the range of different political contexts across Europe (not just the EU).
  • Multinational approach. You will work in English as the EFCSN’s working language but ideally you will have experience working in multinational teams, or in different countries, and/or in languages other than your first language.

How to apply
Applications close on Monday 20th of March at 10.00 CET.

Please send a CV and a cover letter to contact@efcsn.com explaining how you fit the requirements of the job description.

Please let EFCSN know if you will not be available for an interview on 27, 28, 29, 30 or 31 March.

About the selection process

The EFCSN wants to see you at your best to understand your strengths and the contribution you could make at the European Fact Checking Standards Network with strong support, including for your learning and development. The EFCSN also wants to make sure that it uses your time well during this process and don’t ask for more from you than it needs to. The EFCSN will make any reasonable adjustments it needs to make to this process to help ensure you can perform at your best. For more information about this before applying, please contact contact@efcsn.com.

For more detailed information, please click here.

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