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Editor-in-chief Needed for Transmission Air Et Terre Radio Project

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) gGmbh is searching for an editor-in-chief for “Transmission Air et Terre”, a radio project funded by German International Cooperation (GIZ). The aim of the project is to improve agricultural planning, increase productivity, and professionalise marketing in underdeveloped regions of the country. The project aims to provide farmers in the western part of the country with information relevant to agriculture, innovative ideas, and best practice experiences.

The editor-in-chief will work closely with three partner radio stations in Burkina Faso. Each of these local stations will have one radio editor working on the project. In collaboration with the three local stations/editors, the editor-in-chief is responsible for the development and production of regular radio broadcasts around relevant agricultural topics. During the project period, the aim is to produce around 80 broadcasts per partner station – the total target is thus 240 radio broadcasts during the project. During the project period, the editor-in-chief will visit the partner stations and other local stakeholders in Burkina Faso on a regular basis.

In addition, the project will employ an innovative information platform that provides supplementary information for smartphone users. The Pocket FM platform has been developed by MiCT and will provide a range of information including text and image-based elements that will be updated regularly. Initially the Pocket FM system will be installed at five locations that correspond to the GiZ project areas in Burkina Faso. In collaboration with the local radio stations/editors the editor-in-chief will be responsible for generating content for the information platform.

  • Contract Period: April 2020 – July 2021 (16 months freelance contract)
  • Contract Volume: 10 working days per month à 300.- EUR plus VAT p.d.

Based in: Berlin (preferably) with regular travels to Burkina Faso

Main Tasks:

Selection of local radio stations: Selection of partner radio stations in Burkina Faso in collaboration with GIZ and MiCT.

Topics/content: Plan topics to be covered and formats in collaboration with the local partner stations/editors, the MiCT team in Berlin, and the GIZ Team in Burkina Faso.

Editorial work/coaching/production:

  • Assist the local partner stations in the production of radio pieces
  • Work in close collaboration with the local radio editors (continuous coaching process); distance coaching through email/instant messenger programmes (Skype / MSN etc.) and a project online platform

Information platform:

  • Plan and produce content for information platform on a regular basis in collaboration with local radio stations/Editors
  • Working trips to Burkina Faso
  • Regular working trips to Burkina Faso (about 10 during the project)
  • Conduct on-site and ‘on the job’ capacity building for the local radio stations/editors

Liaison with MiCT Team Berlin / General project implementation:

  • Liaise with the overall MiCT editorial team and the management team to ensure project activities taking place in line with the project proposal and MiCT’s policies
  • Responsible for general project planning and implementation in collaboration with MiCT and GIZ
  • Responsible for implementing a monitoring & evaluation strategy
  • Assist with general project management and administrative issues – in particular administrative and payment issues in Burkina Faso
  • Narrative project reporting as per donor requirements


  • Fluency in French; working knowledge of local languages and/or German is an asset
  • Education in journalism and professional radio experience as a journalist in French speaking developing countries, preferably in West Africa
  • Ability to travel to and work in Burkina Faso
  • Sound knowledge of agricultural issues, particular in the West African context, is an asset
  • Sound knowledge of politics, media, and journalism in West Africa, in particular Burkina Faso is an asset
If you are interested please send your CV (max. 2 pages) and a letter of motivation (max. 1 page) to dirk@mict-international.org.
Please mention your earliest availability.
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