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Digital Policy Officer

The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) is recruiting a Digital Policy Officer to join our team in September 2021 for 2 years. The position will lead on digital policy advocacy, support capacity building on digital policy issues among members and partners, and contribute more generally to the fulfilment of EPDs’ goals on Democracy in the Digital Sphere

About the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD)

The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) is a not-for-profit organisation with a global remit to support democracy, that brings together a network of 18 organisations specialising in the different parts of a democratic system. They work inside and outside Europe because recognising that democracy is a universal aspiration and that the contemporary challenges and opportunities for democracy are global in scope. Their mission is to make a contribution to, and reinforce the impact of European support for democracy across the world.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Advocacy
    – Contribute to EPD’s advocacy strategy on digital policy issues, through research, civil society coordination and coalition-building;
    – Represent EPD in meetings with civil society partners, and representatives of the European Commission, parliament and Member States;
    – Engage in targeted advocacy towards the European Parliament, the Commission and EU Member States on digital policy issues, including the Digital Services Act and Online Political Marketing Directive;
  • Capacity-building & coordination
    – Proactively expand EPD’s network of civil society, institutional and academic partners in EU Member States and Brussels;
    – Support the creation and maintenance of a digitalisation working group within the EPD membership, through coordination and the organisation of workshops;
    – Organise and facilitate workshops on digital policy advocacy with civil society organisations in Brussels and Member States, including participatory policy analysis workshops using the EPD Digital Policy Navigator;
  • Events and communication
    – Supporting the organisation of events, workshops and webinars that fall within the thematic responsibility of the officer, including the logistics and content of these events;
    – Support EPD’s communication on digital policy issues with regular tweets and contributions to content on the EPD website (articles, blogposts).
  • Programmes and fundraising
    – Fulfill reporting requirements to donors for relevant projects where necessary;
    – Support in the coordination and writing of project proposals related to digital tech and democracy;
    – Fundraising for assessments using the Policy Navigator and digital policy advocacy
  • Young professional with a minimum of 2 years of proven experience on digital policy as well as democracy issues;
  • Proven interest in democracy in Europe and globally, and a strong interest in EPD’s work in areas besides digital policy advocacy;
  • Knowledge of EU policy processes and advocacy;
  • Master’s degree in political science, European studies, international law or computer science is desirable;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English;
  • Strong analytical skills and writing skills;
  • A cooperative attitude and strong work ethic.
Conditions and benefits
  • A 2-year contract with entry-level salary;
  • Lunch vouchers of a unit value of EUR 8,00 (personal contribution by the employee of EUR 1,09) will be granted for each day  worked;
  • All staff are fully involved in all aspects of our work and given considerable responsibility and independence; they are part of an international team that supports them in acquiring skills to work in an international organisation and hands-on knowledge of how major international actors inter-relate, at EU and global levels;
  • The Digital Policy Officer should be based in Brussels or move to Brussels in 2021.

Full information and application details can be found here.

Status: Closed

Organisation: European Partnership for Democracy (EPD)

Deadline: 24/08/2021

Location: Brussels


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