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Digital Journalism at the Crossroads Of Times

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

At a time when the past, present and future come together and clearly impact the reality of the world, the challenge of journalism is not only to have the ability to become a reliable reporter of this crossing of times, but to develop its investigative tasks, narratives and circulation in the midst of that temporal context that affects all its forms and backgrounds.

“Digital journalism at the crossroads of times” is an activity that, bringing together elements of the past, present and future, addresses topics such as expansion, transmediality, technologization, sensoriality, emotionality, and approaches multidisciplinary and immersive of narrative formats, research methodologies and present and future circulation models of journalistic content.

With an approach that mixes information, debate and practice, the workshop serves as a meeting and creation space for colleagues who seek to adapt what already exists, as a first step to advance in a contextual model of creation and circulation, and/or approach the present and next narratives.

Up to 16 journalists from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, independent or members of a media outlet in these countries, interested in enhancing their skills and abilities in the field of digital journalism.

The workshop will take place virtually, in four synchronous sessions of at least two hours each, in which the moderator will make a presentation of the topics to be discussed and will open the conversation with journalists, so that they can present comments, doubts and experiences that we can all learn from.

Find more information and apply here.

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