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Deputy Chief of Party

Internews is seeking a Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) candidate for a USAID Investing in Independent Media Activity (IIM) with the general goal of expanding access to information among the general public and supporting sustainable independent media. Reporting directly to the Chief of Party (COP), the DCOP is responsible for ensuring that activity implementation is in accordance with USAID regulations and procedures, and the specifications determined in the USAID contract. The DCOP will be the primary liaison with Media Houses and media organisations. This will include monitoring grantee worthiness, ensuring that all procurement processes are perceived as transparent by beneficiary communities, and monitoring grant implementation to achieve technical results and overall contract objectives. The DCOP will liaise with local media houses, journalists, and media actors, and when opportunities arise, will be in a position to mentor and coach local media houses and journalists as they use the IIM’s media research in operational and organisational decisions.


This position will be at-post in one of Internews’ Asia regional field offices. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of Internews’ offices are closed or partially remote and staff are working remotely. Until the situation meaningfully changes, this role will also function remotely. The incumbent will ultimately be based at-post in Southeast Asia. You should apply with the understanding that work hours will need to be coordinated to align in part with those of colleagues in Southeast Asia and on the East Coast of the United States.

All remote candidates will be considered. However, you must have work authorisation in your current location that does not require sponsorship from Internews. Additionally, there are locations in which Internews is not able to support fully remote work.

Wherever possible, we work to try to find solutions for international hiring that work for both the company and the candidate. This means that some of the particulars around the offer for a role will be dependent on several factors, and that the benefits and salary structure that apply to a position will ultimately be based upon the candidate’s location and where the role is hired.

Day-to-Day Tasks
  • Support the COP in the design and implementation of annual work plans and ensure the implementation of those plans, working with program teams in Internews and with other key stakeholders;
  • Develop and maintain understanding of issues affecting both the media community and the media viability, including security and political factors;
  • Provide technical oversight of Grants under Contract (GUCs) and mentoring to partners, including quality assurance, reporting and M&E compliance;
  • Provide technical oversight of implementing partners to achieve overall contract objectives;
  • Oversee the program’s day-to-day operations in close partnership with the Chief of Party;
  • Provide management leadership to the technical teams;
  • Lead on contract oversight processes to implementing partners, local NGOs and media organisations;
  • Ensure project implementation is in compliance with Internews’ policies and procedures as well as USAID rules and regulations as determined in the contract;
  • Maintain strategic awareness of independent media and a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing independent media, especially online digital media;
  • Ensure timely reporting of grants and partner activities to COP and effective collaboration with relevant Internews staff;
  • Build and maintain relationships with local media development organisations;
  • Support COP in program reporting and communications, and maintain effective working relationships with relevant Internews staff;
  • Support COP in the program monitoring and evaluation to ensure effective implementation and to measure program impact;
  • Represent Internews and coordinate with key stakeholders including USAID, Government, NGOs and media organisations, as delegated by COP;
  • Step into Acting Chief of Party role when COP is absent;
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chief of Party;
  • Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to upholding Internews’ Core Values.
  • At least 7 years of relevant professional experience leading or providing supervisory management support for operations functions in complex, dynamic, challenging political contexts, and demonstrated experience working in insecure or security-challenged media operating environments.
  • Relevant experience in political transition in environments in Asia is preferred.
  • A University degree in a relevant field such as mass communications, international relations, political science, journalism, public administration, law, or peace/conflict studies
  • Proven mid- or senior level experience in challenging and complex, restricted, or non-permissive media environments. Candidates must have demonstrated experience in one or more of the following:Managing media market research and analysis and presenting findings to media house clients;
  • Experience with media sustainability models and practice to advise media houses on improving viability;
  • Media sector operations management;
  • Experience piloting and testing new media and news dissemination tools;
  • Establishing and building an internal culture of media ethics and accountability-reporting;
  • Building a social media presence;
  • Print media adaptability;
  • Experience in starting up new media businesses, testing outreach and adapting media products.
  • Experience with managing multi-year USAID contacts is preferred
  • Significant experience in either print, broadcast or new media
  • Demonstrated ability to liaise and navigate effectively with USG agencies, host country government officials, private stakeholders, and other donors
  • Strong communication skills, including interpersonal and in written and oral English
  • Local language skills are highly desirable
  • Ability and willingness to live and work in Southeast Asia

Please find the details here.

Status: Open

Organisation: Internews Network and Internews Europe

Deadline: Ongoing

Location: Southeast Asia


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