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Data Journalist

Status: Closed

  • Employment

Organisation: Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)

Deadline: 31/12/2023

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Other locations may be considered.

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is seeking a data journalist to join their busy team and be the vital link between their research and data team, reporters, and editors. 

This role is perfect for an established journalist who wants to grow their career in investigative data journalism and develop as an editorial decision-maker.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands. Other locations may be considered.


  • Leading regional data journalists: You will work closely with OCCRP’s regional data journalists and make sure they prioritize their work in the organization’s interest. Together with the editorial leadership, you will develop a strategy to grow data journalism at OCCRP.
  • Scoping data projects: You will help decide which projects to prioritize and develop data strategies for investigations. You will bring your expertise to the pitch process, ensuring OCCRP makes informed decisions on data or tech-heavy story pitches. Bringing data-driven story ideas is a plus.
  • Managing technical aspects: You will work alongside the research and data team to ensure that the right decisions are made when it comes to managing the technical aspects of larger data-heavy investigations, ensuring journalists have the tools, training, and support they need.
  • Data analysis: You will find leads in the data and conduct data analysis. You will also help reporters develop their own data skills using our in-house tools and other basic data wrangling/analysis techniques.
  • Leak preparation: You will analyze and summarize new leaks, help find angles for stories, explore and communicate key connections and leads, and suggest other relevant resources.
  • Advanced analytics: You will work with the research and data team to explore and prototype advanced data analytics and data science methodologies that can be used in specific investigative projects (e.g., flight tracking).


They are looking for candidates who have the following qualifications:

  • Journalistic Experience: Demonstrated experience in journalism (or a closely related field) is necessary for this role.
  • Management Skills: Candidates who have managed (distributed, remote) teams in the past will have an advantage
  • Data Analysis Skills: Candidates need to have an understanding of data analysis techniques.
  • Programming Knowledge: Candidates should ideally have some knowledge of Python or other programming languages. This will be beneficial in managing the technical aspects of our investigations and exploring advanced data analytics methodologies.
  • Confidentiality Commitment: Candidates must be committed to maintaining high standards of confidentiality to ensure the safety of our sources and reporters.
  • Experience with Command Line Tools: Candidates who have worked with command line tools will have an advantage. These skills will be useful in managing data acquisitions and leaks.
  • Eagerness to Learn: We value a growth mindset and are looking for individuals who are eager to learn and grow with us.

To Apply

Please email a cover letter, resume, and several of the best investigations you have worked on to jobs@occrp.org no later than December 31, 2023

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