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Data Fellowship

Status: Closed

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Organisation: Center for Health Journalism

Deadline: 17/07/2023

Location: U.S.

The Center for Health Journalism is accepting applications for the 2023 Data Journalism Fellowship.


The Data Fellowship offers journalists an opportunity to transform their reporting by training them to “interview the data” as if it were a human source. Equipped with the tools to find original sources of information and perform data analysis, Fellow graduates from this hands-on training program prepared to produce a major investigative or explanatory health reporting project in the months that follow.

This program offers training on data acquisition, cleaning, analysis and visualization led by some of the most skilled data reporters and journalism practitioners in the nation. They teach journalists how to “bulletproof” their data, ensuring accuracy in reporting. Following the training week, Senior Fellows mentor reporters as they pair original data analysis with compelling narratives culminating in a groundbreaking Fellowship project focusing on an under looked health issue in their community.

Admitted Fellows receive: 

  • A $2,000 stipend to defray reporting costs.
  • One week of extensive, hands-on training in beginner, intermediate or advanced Excel or R-Studio
  • Five months of professional mentorship, including skills-building workshops.

Fellows also are eligible to apply for five months of professional mentorship in engaged journalism and $1,000-$2,000 to support those creative efforts.

Reporting themes

Here are a few broad reporting themes supported in the Fellowship proposals:

  • Child, youth and family well-being
  • Systemic racism and root causes of health inequities
  • The school-to-prison pipeline (including juvenile justice) as a health issue
  • Maternal and infant health and intergenerational trauma
  • The mental health of children and families
  • How conditions in schools, communities, and the environment shape health
  • Systemic barriers to health tied to race, poverty, and economic opportunity

Interested in applying?  candidates are required to schedule a meeting ahead of applying to discuss their project proposal. Fill out the contact form below and somebody from the Center will reach out to you.

Learn more here to apply.

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