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Community Engagement Partnerships Call for Proposals

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

The Coalition for Human Rights in Development is calling for proposals for the next round of Community Engagement Partnerships. Community Engagement Partnerships support and strengthen collaboration between Coalition members and partners and community groups in development and investment related human rights struggles.

If you are a community group or are presently working with a community on mobilization, advocacy, or capacity building around a development or investment activity involving international finance, please consider applying for a Community Engagement Partnership. Proposals for this next round must be received by 31 August 2020.

1.     Examples of possible kinds of engagement

The shape of a given partnership will depend on the nature of the community’s campaign and the extent to which Coalition members are able to engage. Possible points of engagement with the Coalition, its members and partners could include:

·       Supporting community organising and mobilization around a development project through community-led research and “know-your-rights” trainings;

·       Supporting communities to identify the financiers of any development activities, and strategies, training and capacity building around development banks;

·       Scientific or technical services and expertise, e.g. analysing project documents, environmental monitoring, financial research, etc.;

·       Communications support, including amplification of campaign and messaging through the Coalition membership;

·       Facilitation of access to decision-makers at governments and international institutions;

·       Shared learning with other community-based organizations or support organizations;

·       Resources on security for human rights defenders;

·       Potential access to limited working group funds (maximum $4,000 USD) or support to access additional small grant sources.

We recognize that these are unique times because of the pandemic and resulting lockdowns/shutdowns. In this call for proposals, we are open to receive applications which request a portion of the Community Engagement Partnerships grants to face immediate challenges and/or to satisfy needs related with the pandemic context, including food, water, medicine, menstrual hygiene products, etc.. Additionally, we are also open to support the purchase of new equipment or subscriptions that enable secure means of communication, where they are part of a larger advocacy/campaign strategy.

The above are just examples of possible kinds of engagement. We are open to collaborating on other strategies led by communities affected by development activities, if they relate to advancing the human rights in development through advocacy with financiers, governments and other actors.

2.     Criteria for Community Engagement Partnerships

Community Engagement Partnerships:

·       Involve work with specific communities defending their human rights in the face of specific internationally financed projects or proposals. Priority will be given to proposals that involve development activities funded by Development Finance Institutions or Public Development Banks.

·       Are either led by community-based organizations or by support groups who are in an accountable relationship with the community.

·       Are not one-off activities, but instead fit within a sustained larger campaign.

·       Interest in connecting the community effort to members and partners of the Coalition and then sharing the community experience and lessons learned with the Coalition.

·       Can involve support for any of the kinds of engagement noted above or any other relevant strategies identified by the communities.

·       Have the potential to support and inform the Coalition’s work on public and private sources of international finance.

·       Include an endorsement or reference from an existing Coalition member who is familiar with the effort.

3.     Partnership process:

Community Engagement Partnerships are selected through the following process:

·       The Community Engagement Working Group screens proposals for Community Engagement Partnerships.

·       Proposals for consideration are discussed within the Working Group in a sort of strategy session, to help the partner strengthen its strategy and to identify if and how the Coalition and other members can engage and add value.

·       Any recommendations for financial support are reviewed by the Coalition Secretariat.

·       Coalition members and Secretariat will engage with the partnership in whatever ways agreed with the partner and as they are able.

·       The partner will periodically share their experience and lessons learned with the Coalition, for instance in a presentation on a conference call or through a blog or report.

4.     To propose a partnership:

Please develop a proposal with the following information (maximum 3 pages):

1)    Name and contact information

2)    Organization name and mission

3)    Summary of community engagement effort, including description of:

a)     the communities,

b)     the development activities,

c)     the communities’ concerns,

d)     the goals or objective of the partnership,

e)     the broader strategy (including any  efforts completed and key future activities), and

f)      relevant timelines.

Additionally, please briefly describe how your effort will be affected by and respond to unique challenges (and potential opportunities) presented by the pandemic and lockdowns/shutdowns.

4)    In what specific ways would you like to engage with the Coalition on this effort. See examples of possible kinds of engagement above.

5)    If you are seeking financial resources, include a budget. If you are requesting funds for immediate needs or equipment, please indicate how much and how it relates to your broader application.

6)    Names of any existing partners in the work.

7)    Contact information for (2) groups whom your organization is working with or has worked with in the past. If you are not a member of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development, one of these contacts should be a Coalition member who is familiar with your community engagement work.

8)    Any security concerns in terms of how we engage with you or share information on your work.

Please send the proposal by email to:

·       Carmina F. Obanil cfobanil@rightsindevelopment.org;

·       John Mwebe john@accountabilityproject.org ; and 

·       Leandro Gómez  lgomez@farn.org.ar 

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