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Code for Africa – Hr Assistant

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

Code for Africa (CfA) has an immediate vacancy for a full-time HR assistant to join the Secretariat team.

The position is based at one of the hubs in Kenya, Nigeria or Senegal. CfA are also open to exceptional applicants from elsewhere in Africa. Candidates must have demonstrable experience working in an HR role. The successful candidates will work as part of a multinational and multilingual team that works across a variety of programmes and projects.

Required: minimum requirements include:

  • Bachelors degree in human resources or equivalent qualification
  • 2+ year experience in an HR or similar role
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Superb organisational skills and detail orientated
  • Experience in or familiarity with digital collaboration tools, including Slack, Google Drive, and Trello

Preferred: candidates who are able to demonstrate the following will have an advantage:

  • Knowledge of CfA’s two other international languages, French and Arabic, as well as major African languages such as Amharic and Kiswahili would be an advantage
  • Experience working in the technology, non-profit and/or media environments will be advantageous
  • Experience working in multinational teams

Language and Location Requirements:

  • Location: Kenya, Nigeria or Senegal or anywhere else in Africa
  • Languages: English
  • Preferred but not required: French and Arabic, as well as major African languages such as Amharic and Kiswahili would be an advantage

About the Role:

The successful candidates will join CfA’s core Secretariat team. The Secretariat team is a small and agile team of experts who are responsible for all operational issues across CfA’s labs in 18 countries, including ensuring that we help our ~80 full-time staff achieve their best potential.

Your role will include working with the chief operating officer (COO) to develop detailed key performance indicators (KPIs) and career pathways for individuals, as well as developing and implementing other baseline HR systems. CfA believes strongly in regular staff check-ins, as part of its performance management regime. You will be the champion of the review process, as well as help steer CfA’s talent scouting and recruitment systems. You will also assist with implementing administrative HR processes, ensuring that all (digital) records and systems are optimally organised, maintained and easily accessible.

As part of a multinational team within a growing organisation, you must be agile and must thrive in a multicultural environment, and must work easily with people from different backgrounds who may speak different languages. You will be a digital native, who instinctively takes initiative, and is happy to juggle several tasks at a time while still being able to prioritise your own work.

Responsibilities: Your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Talent acquisition:
    • Assisting in refining and overseeing CfA’s recruitment process, from helping to frame role descriptions to posting job ads, scheduling interviews and providing assistance/support to hiring managers during the interview process.
    • Overseeing the short-listing and due diligence processes for recruitment, including screening long-lists for the most appropriate candidates, completing background and reference checks and managing the interview process for team managers.
    • Championing CfA’s onboarding/orientation process for new employees, from ensuring that team/project playbooks are fit-for-purpose, to ensuring that personnel files are created and staff are equipped with all the tools needed to work.
    • Serving as the point person/sherpa for all new employee questions and concerns, as well as helping staff reach their 30-60-90 day milestones for settling into their new roles.
  • Performance management:
    • Overseeing CfA’s cycle of performance reviews, with regular one-on-one staff check-ins, monitoring performance milestones, proactively identifying staff challenges/opportunities, and developing actionable insights and feedback for team managers and CfA strategists.
    • Assisting line manager with updating staff KPIs and related performance management indicators
  • Talent management:
  • Refining and maintaining CfA’s HR digital recordkeeping systems, to ensure that staff records, timesheets, holiday/leave logs and other records are accurate.
  • Assisting with record keeping and processes around staff departures (such as exit interviews or termination paperwork), grievances and disciplinary action records

All the details are here.

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