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Climate Now Opens Nominations for Covering Journalism Awards

  • Eligibility:
    • Entries (in English) will be accepted from news organizations or individual journalists from every corner of the newsroom who are producing coverage in print, digital, audio, video, and multimedia formats that report on all dimensions of the climate emergency, especially its solutions.
    • Submissions of journalism that was published or broadcast in 2020 anywhere in the world.
  • Funding amount: Not available
  • Type of funding: Awards, Prizes and Challenges
  • Target countries: Global
  • Application languages: English

Nominations are now open for the Covering Climate Now Journalism Awards, which will honor exemplary coverage of the defining story of the time.

Winning entries will feature great storytelling that – among other strengths – is rooted in science, humanizes climate change, empowers audiences, and holds power to account. The jurors will recognize work that communicates the many dimensions of the challenge; that highlights and scrutinizes solutions; that calls out disinformation and self-dealing; and that recognizes the disproportionate impacts that climate change has on communities of color and the poor.


  • Print/Digital: Enter as Short-form (less than 2,000 words) or Long-form.
  • Video & Television: Enter as short-form (less than 15 minutes) or long-form.
  • Audio & Radio: Enter as short-form (less than 15 minutes) or long-form.
  • Multimedia Project: Any work in which no one medium is considered the primary storytelling medium. For example: A story in which writing, video, and graphics are all fundamental to the story package; or a photography display that makes prominent use of written and audio components.
  • Photography: Entry may represent the collective work of a publication or the work of a single photographer for general coverage or a single-issue focus or series. Entry can include up to 10 photographs that have been publicly published.
  • Special Coverage, Series or Issue: This category is for particularly robust work that does not easily fit into any of the previous categories, such as a special package of coverage. Qualifying work may include, for example, a special video or audio series and special issue of, or supplement to, a newspaper or magazine.
  • Emerging Journalist: A special award for an early-career journalist whose body of work shows exceptional promise and has, in a short time, already shaken up the climate discourse or covered new and significant ground in the climate story.

Learn more and apply here

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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