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Certified Journalist Safety Training Course

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing

A self-paced certified safety training course for journalists to be completed online over a three-week period.

Delivered by the expert trainers from Key Objectives, the course has been developed by WAN-IFRA and the ACOS Alliance to respond to the basic safety needs of journalists anywhere in the world.

It is led in conjunction with WAN-IFRA’s local Media Freedom Committees.

Each course offers bursaries to 20 participants who gain a better understanding of the skills needed to keep safe on the job. Each course is divided into three modules:

  • Week 1. Planning and Preparation
  • Week 2: Working in Challenging Environments
  • Week 3: First Aid and Emotional Well-being

Each module is followed by an interactive live webinar including context-specific scenario exercises to address questions and consolidate the learning objectives.

The course also includes: 

  • Virtual classroom instructional presentations and demonstrations
  • Video clips and imagery
  • Online quizzes
  • Information sheets and reference guides
  • Reference links to useful and informative resources
  • Three interactive instructional live webinar sessions
  • Technical support and outreach to trainers for the duration of the course

The topics are delivered by expert instructors with significant on-the-ground experience. Thanks to the input of WAN-IFRA’s local Media Freedom Committees, the content of each course is tailored to the specific safety challenges present in each country, ensuring the relevance of the training for the selected participants.

In order to receive certification, it is compulsory for participants to fully complete all parts of the course and attend the three live webinars.

Current courses – applications open!

Please, find more information here.

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