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Call for proposals: External evaluation of Global Investigative Journalism Network’s collaboration with Fojo’s international programmes

Status: Closed

  • Consultancy

Organisation: Fojo Media Institute (linneuniversitat)

Deadline: 20/01/2024

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa & Bangladesh

Fojo Media Institute has a long-standing partnership with the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) in two major programmes: the Consortium for Human Rights and Media Development (CHARM) programme in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Improving Quality Journalism (IQJB) programme in Bangladesh.

The evaluation seeks to assess the result of both the CHARM and the Bangladesh partnership to map the tools, accessibility, sustainability, and perception of the resources offered within the partnerships. It also aims to review similar initiatives in the regions and how they compare to Fojo – GIJN partnerships.

CHARM Programme

The aim of the partnership is to improve support for investigative journalists in sub-Saharan Africa. The partnership also aims to strengthen investigative journalism networks in Africa and improve the provision of locally adapted investigative journalism tools. Fojo’s support includes funding the position of two regional/local editors to leverage the global GIJN network while at the same time providing regionally tailored support.

Bangladesh Programme

The aim of the partnership is to support investigative journalism in Bangladesh through sharing best practices and tools from the GIJN global portfolio as well as fostering a community of investigative journalists in Bangladesh. Fojo’s support includes funding the position of a Bangla editor, in charge of the GIJN Bangla chapter as well as tailored support and advice to journalists from across the country.

Aim of the evaluation

This evaluation aims to comprehensively assess the results of the CHARM and Bangladesh partnerships between GIJN and Fojo. It aims to determine the extent to which the objectives have been achieved and to assess the impact of the collaboration on the practice of investigative journalism in sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh.

The evaluation should also investigate if there are other organisations and initiatives similar to that of GIJN in both regions.

Scope of the assignment

  • Assess the partnership in the Bangladesh and CHARM programmes to gain insights into their effectiveness, use of their tools and impact
  • Review other organisations and initiatives similar to GIJN in both regions.


  • The evaluation will include a desk review and interviews.


  • Fee: USD 5,000

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