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Call for Consultants with training and curriculum expertise in investigation, research, exploration

Status: Closed

Organisation: European Commission

Deadline: 15/12/2021

  • Eligibility Criteria: 
    – All applicants (freelancers or connected to independent media organisations / NGOs) are experienced investigators, media trainers, researchers or have other similar backgrounds in the field of investigation, data research and exploration. Applicants have a proven track record in collaborative reporting, research and/or investigation of public interest issues in EU, specifically in one or more of the following regions: Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the Visegrád Four (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), Southern Europe (Greece, Italy and Spain);
    – Applicants have a proven track record in conducting training on investigation techniques including (but not limited to): digital investigation, OSINT, collaborative data-based investigations, digital safety for investigators in thematic areas such as follow the money, environment, human rights, data privacy, etc. Applicants are advanced or fluent in spoken and written English as well as in at least one of the languages of the above-mentioned countries.
  • Type of Funding: Programmatic
  • Target Country: Worldwide
  • Application language: English

Tactical Tech’s “Exposing the Invisible” project is looking for consultants from the European Union who have training and curriculum expertise in the field of investigation, research and data exploration to collaborate with us on creating and localising workshop materials and curricula on a range of investigation methods and topics.

This call and collaboration is part of a one-year long EU-funded pilot project called the “Collaborative and Investigative Journalism Initiative” (CIJI), which will equip independent media outlets and individual journalists with resources, innovative networking infrastructure and standards-based methods that enable them to practice high-quality, ethical and accountable collaborative and investigative journalism. CIJI is carried out in partnership by Free Press Unlimited, jointly with Reporters Without Borders and Tactical Tech and aims to become a network-based initiative that promotes ethical standards, offers training and capacity building opportunities and a fora for collaboration and peer-support.

See here to learn more and apply.

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