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Call for Applications for 2021-22 Ida B. Wells Fellowship

Key Information
  • Eligibility: 
    • The fellowship is open to entry-level or mid-career journalists. Students, interns, full-time journalists are eligible to apply
    • Journalists of color are strongly encouraged to apply, as are other reporters who believe their presence would contribute substantially to diversifying the field of investigative reporting.
    • The fellowship’s goal is to diversify the investigative reporting landscape in the United States, therefore it is important that applicants intend to have a career working primarily in the U.S. media.
    • In 2021 one of the five fellows will be a Southern Ida B. Wells Fellow, based in, and reporting from, North or South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas or Mississippi. The Southern fellow’s work must appear in an outlet serving this region.
  • Funding amount: $20,000 per fellowship
  • Type of funding: Programmatic 
  • Target countries: USA
  • Application languages: English


Type Investigations under the Type Media Centre is looking for applicants for the Ida B. Wells fellowship.

Named after the pioneering African-American investigative reporter, the Ida B. Wells Fellowship is designed to promote diversity in journalism by helping to create a pipeline of investigative reporters who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests, to their work. Winners are chosen by an annual competition.

The Centre is looking for reporters:

  • who have an ambitious investigation they want to pursue, a passion for holding the powerful accountable, and an appetite for digging.
  • with the demonstrated ability to produce a narrative feature for print or broadcast.
  • who would relish the opportunity to closely collaborate with editors.
  • with the persistence, attentiveness to detail, and organizational skills to complete a major project within a set timeframe.

Fellows are required to publish or air their projects within one year of the start of the fellowship.  Each project produced during the fellowship must appear in a U.S. media outlet. Both freelance and staff reporters may apply, but staffers must submit a letter from their editor agreeing to allow them at least one day per week to work on their fellowship story, and committing to co-publishing their investigation.

About Type Investigations:

Type Investigations’ mission is to produce high-impact investigative reporting that holds the powerful accountable. They seek to bring underreported stories to light, cultivate diverse journalistic talent, and create a home for independent journalism that serves the public. Type Investigations is dedicated to enabling independent investigative reporters to produce deeply reported journalism for a wide variety of print, broadcast and digital media outlets. They do this by providing freelance reporters with hands-on editorial guidance, institutional support and funds to cover their travel, time and other reporting costs.

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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