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African Liberty Writing Fellowship

Status: Closed

  • Fellowships

Organisation: African Liberty

Deadline: 30/04/2024

Location: Online

The African Liberty Writing Fellowship calls on aspiring young Africans to embark on a yearlong journey dedicated to honing their skills in academia, media, public policy, and beyond.

African Liberty is a platform for advancing individual freedom, peace, and prosperity in Africa by promoting civil discussion and debate about social, legal, economic, and world issues affecting Africans.

African Liberty main focus is connecting Africans with the ideas that create prosperity through media advocacy, research, discussions, and debates. They educate a new generation of African thought leaders, and analysts in adopting viewpoints that address the rights and dignity of every individual regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or Africanness. Through this process, they are building a network of young Africans equipped with the skillsets and passion necessary to usher Africa’s prosperity through the media.

Accepted applicants will complete a five-week mandatory online course. The top candidates from the five-week training will be admitted as African Liberty writing fellows.

  • Expert instructors
  • 12-month writing fellowship
  • Get published in Africa’s top newspapers
  • Monthly stipend for top contributors
  • Opportunity for TV and radio features

5-week training runs from 21 May 2024 to 18 June 2024. The writing fellowship starts on July 8, 2024, and ends on July 8, 2025.

How to apply

The application deadline for this fellowship is April 30, 2024. To learn more and apply, please click here.

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