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2023 Byerly Award for Research in Feminist Political Economy of Communication

The Feminist Scholarship Division of the International Communication Association seeks applications for the Byerly award for Research in Feminist Political Economy of Communication.

About the Byerly Award:

The Byerly Award for Research in Feminist Political Economy of Communication is an annual competitive grant to encourage and support research on macro-level issues in communication within a feminist analytical framework. This new award, which launches in 2023, was established by Dr. Carolyn M. Byerly, professor emerita at Howard University.
Feminist political economy is concerned with ways that male privilege and domination are institutionalized within communication organizations and other social institutions, with a focus on the economic and policy arrangements that give men greater power. Feminist political economy research is also concerned with the impact of institutional bias related to women and communication, as well as how women’s activism has challenged it. “Women” may be interpreted broadly to include all who are woman-identified.


Research proposals could include (but are not limited to) inquiry related to communication policy, media ownership, labor in communication fields, technology, and links between media ownership and representation. The Byerly award will be made annually on a competitive basis beginning in 2023. Feminist scholars from any country and at any stage of their academic careers (including graduate students) may apply to conduct original research, with the understanding that they will present their work in ICA’s Feminist Scholarship Division at the ICA annual conference the following year. Applications will be considered from single applicants as well as teams. The amount of the award in 2023 will be $1,000 USD.

Funds may not be used for salaries or stipends of the principal or co-investigators, university indirect funds, or equipment purchase. The Byerly award is also not meant to support strictly theoretical work. Allowable expenses could be for purchase of data, participant incentives, transcription services, travel to archives or for interviews, research assistant fees, and other expenses not specifically excluded.

How to apply:

Applicants must be current members of ICA and be able to demonstrate a history of feminist-related research. Applications should include: (1) a two-page, single-spaced statement of work (including problem to be studied, theoretical framework, and methodology); (2) a proposed budget that shows how funds will be spent; and (3) the applicant’s (or applicants’) CV(s). Applications will be reviewed by a committee of qualified feminist scholars. Applications are due February 1, 2023. Send to Dr. Marian Meyers, mmeyers@gsu.edu (Applicants will be notified by March 1 about the status of their applications.)

For more information, please click here.

Status: Open

  • Awards & prizes

Organisation: International Communication Association

Deadline: 01/02/2023

Location: Global


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