Key Information
  • Eligibility: The Gabo 2020 Prize recognises works presented in any journalistic genres and publication media and published for the first time between April 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Text, video, photography, documentary, radio, podcast, graphic works or animations presented by a person or a team may be nominated.
  • Prize amount: The authors of the winning works in each of the four contest categories will receive:
    • 35 million Colombian pesos.
    • A copy of the sculpture ‘Gabriel’, by the Colombian artist Antonio Caro.
    • The two finalists in each contest category will receive 8 million Colombian pesos.
  • Type of funding: Award/Prize
  • Target countries: North and South America, Spain, Portugal
  • Application languages: Spanish and Portuguese

The Gabo Award is convened in order to promote better journalism, the search for excellence, innovation, rigor in dealing with facts and ethical coherence by journalists who work and publish regularly in the languages Spanish and Portuguese for the public of America, Spain and Portugal.

Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

  • Text: for the author or authors of the best written journalism work.
  • Image: for the author or authors of the best work of visual journalism: photography, video, animation, data visualization and other formats.
  • Coverage: for the author or authors of the best set of works on current affairs in any medium.
  • Innovation: for the journalist or team that has made the best contribution to the development of new types of media, content, languages ​​and forms of relationship with the audience.

Over its lifetime the Gabo Prize has received 10,727 works, among which 41 winners from 15 countries have been selected in the competition and excellence categories, which are a benchmark for journalism in the region. You can check the nominees, finalists and winners of all editions of the award at

Read more about the competition here.

Status: Open

Deadline: Ongoing


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