On December 2nd, 2019, ARTICLE 19 released the most recent edition of their Global Expression Report which outlines and summarises all major developments in freedom of expression around the world.

The report utilises qualitative data gathered from from 161 countries throughout 2018 and 2019 to understand what factors alter the state of freedom of expression internationally. This year’s report indicates that, internationally, freedom of expression is at its lowest point in a decade. The scale of freedom of expression’s deterioration is starkly highlighted by the revelation that, globally, three out of every four people are living in an area experiencing a decline in freedom of expression. This equates to 66 countries, with a combined population of 5.5 billion people, currently experiencing increasingly restricted freedom of expression.

Further, the report highlights the links between freedom of expression and access to information, both of which are in decline globally due to a range of methods of restriction. As well as silencing journalists with increasingly sophisticated tactics, repressive responses to street protests are also contributing to the decline in freedom of expression around the world.

The full report and a detailed summary can be found here.