ARTICLE 19 Team Digital is looking for three new fellows to join the 2020 cohort of the Internet of Rights Fellowship.

Since 2014 ARTICLE 19 has been a pioneer in the technical governance and evolution of the global Internet, bridging the knowledge gap within the technical and human rights communities. In doing so, ARTICLE 19 has carved out a key platform for civil society engagement in these bodies; however, there remains the need for greater, more diverse, and more sustainable civil society participation.

In its fourth year, the Internet of Rights Fellowship will equip a diverse community of civil society organisations and their representatives with the tools they need to carry out long-term, influential engagement in the bodies setting the technical policies and standards that uphold the global Internet architecture.

Fellows will be expected to have some working knowledge and experience with the technical and policy discussions
across the Internet governance landscape. Under the guidance of their assigned mentors, they will develop a deeper
knowledge of their target issue area and the skills necessary to meaningfully contribute to discussions in order to
further human rights considerations in Internet governance bodies. By the end of the program, fellows will be well
equipped to continue developing a robust approach to human rights within these technical communities beyond the life of the program.

The Internet of Rights Fellowship program is designed to be flexible and dynamic to account for each individual’s skills, interests, and experience. Prospective fellows are encouraged to be creative in their approach. Upon selection, fellows will work with ARTICLE 19 Team Digital to elaborate upon their work plan, develop a schedule, and identify potential deliverables. Beyond lending structure to the fellowship, this exercise is intended to give our team insights into how we may best support each individual.

The 2020 Internet of Rights Fellowship will start on March 2nd 2020 and last for one year. Full information is available here.